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    I have questions, please
    An_254027 posted:
    I have been having serious back pain, from my neck to my tailbone, and tons of headaches. This has been going on since Nov of 2012. During the night, last night, I was woken up by severe shoulder pain in both shoulders and spent all night waking up off and on in pain from them. Then, this morning, I woke up to severe pain in my thumbs, tops of my toes, ankles, elbows, and knees. (shoulders still hurting) I could barely make it to the restroom it hurt so bad. I took 800mg of Ibuprofen and it lasted, maybe, 3 hours. My stomach has been distended for about 6 weeks and lots of gas (sorry for TMI). My question is, does Fibromyalgia come on that fast? Like over night?
    missist responded:
    Hi, yes it can. I think once you have a good repertoire of tools to use to fight it-- it is much less intense.

    Ibuprofen is like asking for it. (Ibs) I once took 4 ibuprofen every 4 hours around the clock and after a day I was astonished as I had no pain for the first time in years--then IBS kicked in. And I was so depressed.

    But that was many years ago when my fibro was just horrendous every day. Now It is not as bad by a long shot--but I'm using a variety of helpers RX and non.

    If nsaids are a good help to you-- you might want to go with aleeve--you'd probably have to take it daily and not wait for flares. (and I'm not a doctor--so don't sue me-- just what helped me. I used that for a while, but now I use Celebrex--which is better but super spendy.

    I also use gabapentin and nortryptiline and between them they keep my pain level in check-- for the most part. Vitamin D is big--and this time of year I double mine--cuz with the cold and dark comes more pain.

    God Bless--Mary
    meg_k replied to missist's response:

    Actually, if you have had persistent neck to tailbone pain headaches for a year, that could be the onset of Fibro and the pain you experienced last night could be a flare. Many of us experience a baseline of pain & fatigue with periodic worsenings called flares. I am just saying I don't think you can ignore other pain that lasts almost 12 months when you are assessing the timing of the onset of Fibro. If you were worse last night, it probably means you won't always be that bad and will return to your baseline once the flare goes away, so hang in there.

    I would recommend you go to the Dr. asking specifically about Fibro, and talk about possible meds to help pain relief. I take gabapetin like Mary. I also take Cymbalta which is one of 3 drugs FDA-approved for Fibro pain. I have seen others here post about Savella, one of the others, saying they've had luck with it. Not sure about Lyrica, the third.

    I personally try to stay away from nsaids like ibuprofen and even aleve due to the GI problems like Mary said. I find they don't really help a whole lot with the type of pain you get with Fibro anyway.

    I agree with Mary about the Vitamin D. You should supplement until you are in the 50-60 range if your levels are low. But talk to your doctor.

    Hot baths and showers are the best for immediate pain relief. When all else fails, that can take the edge off.

    Hang in there..stay connected with this awesomely supportive community.

    franr responded:
    Hi An
    First have you been diagnosed with fibromylgia?If not please make an app to see a neurologist. Many illnesses can mimic fibro .Please be careful with ibuprofen. This can cause problems with the kidneys. Take it with advice of your of your MD .In the meantime please see the toolbox our wonderful members have put together that is listed on this page. It will give you ideas how to cope with fibro symptoms .IBS does affect many of us but there is ways to treat that too. Pleas try not to get depressed we have all been through these terrible times in our lives. Keep us updated on your progress. Fran R
    Cpht859 responded:
    Hi, An. I agree you need to get checked. Be careful with NSAIDS.(aspirin, aleve, ibuprofen, etc) They are wonderful for the pain, but you need to take it with food and it's best to alternate with Tylenol. NSAIDS can eat away your stomach lining if taken too often and without something on your stomach. I'm not a dr. I'm just a pharmacy tech, but the pharmacists I work with really have gotten on to me over taking too much....they were right, I ended up with the beginning of ulcers and hiatal hernia. Just be careful and get with a doctor soon!

    HawaiianPrincess responded:
    So, I saw my Dr and she said she is diagnosing me with Fibromyalgia. Unless any of the tests come back to prove otherwise. Like all of you said, she wanted me to stay away from the Ibuprofen as much as I can. Since I am already in pain management for my back, she said to stick with those meds. She also said what you guys said about it being a flare up. My Vitamin D level was at 6 So she is putting me on a prescription of Vitamin D to get me where I'm supposed to be. Thank you all for your replies! I guess now I am going to have to learn some new things about my body and change lots of things in my life. I am not real sure what I feel right now. Part of me is relieved that this turned out to be Fibro and not some terminal or destructive disease. But I am also kind of mixed between sad and scared as I venture into this. God Bless each of you.
    ajnsmom replied to HawaiianPrincess's response:
    Hi, it sounds like you have a very good attitude, and that is a lot of what coping with Fibro is all about. I think you will find this support group very helpful and understanding, because we are all in the same boat. I hope you have a better day tomorrow.

    Linda S.
    booch007 responded:
    Good morning,

    You need to have a rhematoid work up for all the auto immune diseases and be ruled out before it is a label of FM.

    Careful with that much Motrin, you can get a stomach iissue to ad to this. Better meds are available.

    Please get a doctors appointment for your GP and then Rheumatology to get a diagnosis right.

    Use heating pad and hot showers in the meantime to assist in comfort. .

    Good luck, Nancy B

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