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The Cause is Found!
BelPwnt posted:

My husband called me from work this morning and read this to me.

I'm over the moon! They found a reason for FM, the cause of FM, the start of the answer to the end.

I think Christmas just came early
dollbug responded:
Hello of our members here shared this link with us last week....actually, if I were you, I would NOT get too excited about it. Perhaps when and IF they find something that will help it, then it would be something to rejoice about.

Thanks though for sharing this. I think most of us know that FM is not something that we just make up...but it is something that affects the brain as well.

I went to the site and read all sorts of comments concerning other people's issues. For those who might have interest please visit the site and read what other people think.

Thanks for sharing this with us.


BelPwnt replied to dollbug's response:
Thanks for reminding me why I don't frequent this forum anymore.

If someone wants to remove this post, please do. I can't seem to find a way to do it.
dollbug replied to BelPwnt's response:
Hello BelPwnt, you can actually request to have posts removed by clicking on the *report this* link (in blue at the bottom of the post on the left side) It will ask for a reason and you can fill it in. I am not sure how long it might take though since our moderator is no longer here.

Take care.


Anon_10089 replied to BelPwnt's response:
I don't think you need to remove this! I was also very excited when I read about this study awhile back. It is very good progress for us and it shows that the medical community is paying attention to us.

I think many people are nervous because it was a pretty small study and FM seems like such a complicated thing that affects so many parts of our body--even on a cellular level. And the study doesn't offer any tips for treatment. But, again, it shows that FM is being researched.

Thank you for sharing. Any new information should be put here. We all know we're not making this pain/fatigue up but studies like this will help prove it to friends, family, and even doctors that still doubt us.
An_249441 replied to BelPwnt's response:
Thanks for posting this again, I must have missed the earlier post.

After reading the article and some of the comments on it, I just googled "fibromyalgia av shunts". A lot of articles turned up, some of them from very reputable organizations.

I have seen some of the other articles, but the one you attached gave a new view for me.

Good post.
ajnsmom replied to BelPwnt's response:
Hi, please don't remove the link. It is encouraging to read about advances in research! And please continue to be a part of this community.

Linda S.
Anon_408 replied to dollbug's response:
MiMi, I have reported several threads, of peple advertising how to buy controlled drugs, illegally into the usa, like go on a cruise and bring them in that way. Some snake oil sales people, recommending a Dr. with name, address, phone, etc. They remove it rather quickly.
missist replied to Anon_408's response:
Belpwnt--I hope you come back. I posted on this same discovery a while back, and I did find it very exciting. Also--did you know other research has come up with a blood test for fibromyalgia that is more accurate than the RA test is. I do celebrate all the research. I don't think anyone meant to offend you, just some of us are weary of 'news' that doesn't end up helping much. I think this new research about the av shunt thing-- is a great puzzle piece and the more research turns up the better. Its something to tell all those folks who do not believe our myriad problems are real. Not sure it will change their minds, but maybe.

Its a hard thing to do--to be sick all the time with constantly changing symptoms and on top of that to have to validate your illness to others. Lets try to stick together at least. If we come here for support and to share info--lets assume others here are suffering as we are, and maybe even worse--and then lets overlook anything that rubs us the wrong way.
Peace, Mary
booch007 responded:
Daer Belpwnt,

Thank you for the post of further research on our problems. We are such Doubting Thomas's though. It takes years of research to further bring a med to the kitchen table.

BUT..OMG thank you for thinking of us to share you found. We welcome you always here. There aren't many active people posting I notice these days. Hoping it is better control and less need for help.

Since coming here alot has changed in the format and resources available.

Thank you for the post. We wait and see as always to know what does it really mean to us...

Nancy B

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