Pregnancy induced Fibromyaliga attack - Is Abortion my only option and will it make it worse??
An_254059 posted:
At this moment I am fairly sure much of this is from a lack of nutrients and hormone fluctuations. I have periods of sheer terror at the pain I am going through.
I have tried many, many things in the last few days, even medical marijuana.
I would love to be able to keep my baby without this hell that threatens my ability to live - or trade my life for my child's. I was doing wonderfully this past year. I ate well, I exercised, I had regular treatments, took herbs.
I know someday I will look back on this post with shame and fear of it. For now, I am desperate and considering (even pushing) for an abortion because I feel I am not being given any other options.
Is there anything else besides wait and hope for the best?
Is there any way to buy some extra time without going more out of my mind?
Instead of asking me what I have tried (the list is extensive) I think I just need exhaustion of options.
(I'm sorry this is so strangely written. Adding pregnancy brain and fibro fog and malnutrition does not make for rash decisions and clear thought.)
jillwimmersbloom responded:
I would suggest calling your OB ASAP. Abortion is not the solution. They have medications that are perfectly safe for nausea and even pain medications can be prescribed for pregnancy although its important to do everything under medical supervision. If you can't reach your OB, go to the ER and refuse to leave until they can help you.

Try meditation. I used to blow off that suggestion untiI I actually tried it. You dondon't have to do anything fancy, just focus on your breathing.
bette_kaffitz responded:

Please hold on for a few more days. Flares often stop on their own with no rhyme or reasonl Do all the simple things you can think of.

Give yourself a nice warm bubblebath. Squirt in a few drops of that toilet water you never seem to use. Keep the water comfortably warm but not hot--for baby's sake.

An, I have never heard you say, "This baby is a really bad idea. I do not want a baby. I have no way to care for another person. I cannot find the love in my heart to be a good mother." You have not written these words because they are not true. You do want this child. You probably even NEED this child.

Unless and until your OB/GYN tells you that the child within you is a threat to your life, or at least to your health, you will be better off--TRULY--if you start thinking about yourself and your child as a team. Your team needs to belly up to the training table. Eat all those vegetables your mother kept telling you were good for you. (She WAS right, after all.) Eat lean meat, get 3 servings of dairy a day: milk, cheese, yogurt, even an eggy custard. Dig out one of those sensible diet books you have all over your kitchen. Choose one that gives you an outline for healthful eating. Then add your dairy on top of the plan's already nutricious plan.

And lay off the marijuana. Use only those meds that are tested and tried not to reach your baby.

An, your hormones are in a "crazy pregnant woman" mode. Don't let them "think" for you.

The chance that an abortion could knock you out of the horrible flare you are in now is too small to count. The chance that an abortion chosen out of fibro-desperation would haunt your life forever is huge. You would be full of self-hate. You would KNOW that you chose a chance of less pain---a VERY small chance---over the life and well being of the child that God is presenting to you. You would be walking around with this huge sack of guilt as your lifemate.

TALK TO YOUR DOCTOR. GET THE HELP YOU AND YOUR PRECIOUS LITTLE ONE NEED. REALLY TALK TO YOUR DOCTOR. I believe you need some help in your life, in your medical car (which is obviously less than perfect), and in your support from family and friends. ASK for this help. You and your baby both need it.

Please let us know how things are in your life at least once a day. We care. We can help, too.

dakotaspirit1957 responded:
Hi Hun... I so understand your pain... I have 4 wonderful children... Only 3 living due to a still birth but I still count Baby Paul after 34 years... I think FM was the main reason I had complications with all my children and had 7 miscarriages.... Throughout my pregnancies I suffered some of my worst pre-diagnosis pain... But I have has I believe FM since a child when I was diagnosed as a hypochondriac... Or someone with extensive growing pains... I guess you could say that 40 years ago there wasn't much understanding about FM and if there was it didn't involve a teen or younger...

I spent 3 1/2 months in bed with my first child... giving birth to him 3 weeks early... 5 months with my full term still born... who was unfortunately beaten as may times by his father as I was and born more black and blue then I was... After being pushed downs some stairs a couple of times... And I was in bed with number 3 for 6 month... full term c section... and I found out I was pregnant one week and in bed the next for the whole pregnancy with my premature one... She and I both almost died from hemorrhaging almost 7 months later...

Had I given the opportunity to abort knowing the life they would lead doing more caring for me then me them... I would have still had them... For they are the biggest blessings in my life... still taking care of me today... They have more compassion and love then I have ever seen in anyone...

Next to those I have found here... Here you will find the strength you need to go on with your life... Even during your hard times like now... The fog and pain is horrible to deal with especially with your hormones going nuts...

I guess what I am trying to say is try anything to hold in there... I m having a bad time now with words because due to moving to another state recently and not having dr's set up yet I am not on the meds I need to maintain... So yes I use a lot of meditation and self hypnosis then I usually do... I try to lightly exercise constantly... I have multiple problems which cause me not to think straight going beyond my fog... And together with it I feel a real mess already... And I have more then FM causing me pain and sleepless nights...

The only thing we can do at times like this is hang tight.... And I pray for sleep... Which usually arrives after exhaustion... Hasn't hit yet...

But I do feel sleepy now so I am going to stop rambling and leave you with one thought... This flair will go away... how alone will you be then... when you may have something wonderful to hold on to....

You have us no matter what I am sure.... I have never felt judged here and am sure you too won't be... Come back ad let us know how things are going....

Take care... Love... Jan/Dakota

Come here
missist replied to dakotaspirit1957's response:
Hello, I hope you will not choose abortion. Yes fibro can be worse during pregnancy-- try pacing yourself, sit a lot and rest. I had a heckuva time with being pregnant wiht fibro too--but in the end it was well worth it. I will be praying for you, and do stop by for support here as much as you like.
Spoken with love and understanding,
Anon_10089 replied to missist's response:

I'm so sorry for your added pain. I wanted to mention two things: 1) some women, after the 1st trimester when almost everyone feels horrible, will actually have a remission of sorts from their FM pain. 2) There are websites where many women have discussed this--more than on this board. Try Googling "pregnancy and fibromyalgia" and you'll find other discussion boards solely devoted to that. You can read experiences of women who've made it through and how they did it. Of course you are always welcome here, but this issue just is not discussed that often here.

I hope things get better for you!
chermoli10 responded:
I went to a doctor that specialized in fibro for a while and she was adamant that her patients NOT get pregnant because not only would the pregnancy be hard or worse, but taking care of a baby is extremely difficult, even for healthy women. I hope you have lots of support as you will need it. Don't feel guilty about doing what's best for you as you are the one who has to deliver and take care of the baby and if you're not healthy enough, you will harm yourself and the baby.I hope you have a remission or something wonderful, as anything is possible. Good luck.