Thursday *****10/24/2013 *****
dollbug posted:
Morning FMily....MiMi in NC....and it is a good day. I am so very thankful for all of the thoughts and prayers that were sent my my DD and her DH had court. This chapter is over with. All multiple charges were dropped. Thank GOD for this. Can you imagine being bullied for 15 months, having to turn yourself in to jail for multiple charges on crimes that you did NOT do, have to go into debt to hire 2 attorneys to present you and endure all of the stress and strain for 15 months and finally all criminals charges are dropped? Praise the LORD. I am so very thankful that this part is done.

It was a really stressful day yesterday for me and I was not even in court. I was waiting to see if my DD was going to call me or if I had to go pick up my GS from school.

There are so many sick, wicked and evil people in this world, doing stupid things to people. It is sad that such as this is allowed.

It is COLD this morning in NC. OMG...and going to get colder. Actually they said some snow is expected in the mountains. I am thankful I am not there. I had to cover my plants again last night but I am not sure they will survive. They really need to come inside but they are huge plants.

Here is hoping each of you had a good night's rest and I hope today will be a good day for us all, with little to no pain.

Welcome to the new members who have joined our support group. I am sure that each of you will soon find something that will help you cope better. Hang in here and learn all you can about what others have found that has made a difference for them. You should remember though that we are all different and what helps one may or may not help you. It normally takes a *combination of tools* which will make a difference in how your feel.

Vitamin D. Be sure and speak to your doctor about getting your Vitamin D level checked. Low Vitamin D can cause additional pain for some people and it can also affect other illnesses as well.

That's my story and I'm sticking to it. Have a good day and remember to pace, pace and pace even more. Your body will thank you.


bette_kaffitz responded:
Oh, MiMi, what wonderful news. It's a dirty rotten shame that your dear daughter had to wait so long for justice, but in the end JUSTICE DID PREVAIL. Perhaps now she will be able to go on to the rest of her life. Were there any consequences for that horrible man? I hope that he was at least ordered to pay all her legal fees.

We have light snow coming down here in Wellsville, NY. It is sticking on the grass, but will probably disperse with midday sun. Honestly, the first year we moved to our farm September 22, 1972 it rained a little every day--every dreary, damp day--until it snowed in the middle of November. Since then, I've had at least a part of me that welcomes snow as the bringer of colder, but dryer air. That year was the beginning of my new life as a farmwife and as a fibro member. The boys were 6 and 20 months old. My mother was now 300 miles away. I hurt everywhere. And the "colic only lasts 6 months" people were off by the next 6 1/2 months. It was not my finest hour.

Forty-one years later things are so different. The colicy baby is living happily in his group home. His toddler brother is now
the owner of our farm. My mother's grave is that 300 miles away. And we did have some glorious fall days this summer.

A recent flurry on the site and elsewhere is about the AV shunts and their implications. There are still some "experts" who believe WE gave ourselves fibromyalgia by not using our bodies more when the first symptoms appeared. These people will say--as always--that our inactivity caused this pathological change in the small blood vessels in some fibro women's hands. They said the same thing about the changes found on fMRI of our brains. They blamed our elevated Substance P in our spinal chords on--you guessed it--our own inactivity. I think that it would take an Olympic athlete who maintained her training despite the onset of fibro to change some closed minds. But, of course, those "experts" would say that she was just an anomaly.

Or, at least, that's my take on things.

Again, I am so happy for your whole family. Let's hope this
nightmare is truly over.

rudyandirmouse responded:
Good Thursday MiMi and to all that will follow. I do hope that your day is going well and that you are not dealing with fibro issues or pain today.

The clouds are breaking up over us now. It will be sunny but cold today. It will be in the upper 20's tonight. Summer is gone for sure and I am adjusting. I will be turning on the heaters. Am also thinking that it would be a good idea to light up the fire place to break it in for the up comingwinter. Thank goodness DH took off the chimney cover a day or so ago so I can if I want to.

And DH and I are going to bring the plants in from the garage this evening and put them up in the gym room for the next few months. I put them in the garage for a few days to let any insects or crawling things shake themselves out before bring them inside. I also have to get a humidifier this year. Put if off but really should be using one with the house being dried out by the heaters and fireplace.

And it was cold as I went out the door this morning. I had a 6:45 appointment at the surgery center to get my left eye tweaked. And the cold just went through me as I stepped out of the car to go in. But I really didn't care because I getting this whole eye thing behind me. NO. I found out I have to come back in and do the right eye next month. UGH and Grrrr. Not that the correction by laser was bad, it really wasn't. The procedure it self took less then 3 minutes to do and it didn't hurt a bit. It's the waiting to the uncover the left eye and get back to normal that is the hardest part.

MiMi I am so glad/ happy that this court thing is behind your DD and SIL. Wish there was a way to go after that guy and get the court and lawyer costs tho! I also wish the judge had admonished the ex cop in front of everyone, but it's over and that's the important thing. Getting back to normal is a very good thing!

Well I was at it again this morning shopping TV shows for bargains.Got some deeply discounted ( 83 and 80% off )
earrings on GMA's Deals and Steals. Saved 100 dollars on one and 90 dollars on the other. I like shopping online. I really feel I get better prices for things I want/ need. But I really need to reel myself in and not shop so early. I plan to shop Cyber Monday after Thanksgiving as I really feel there are good bargains online. DH is the one who likes Black Friday sales. Always goes out at 3 and 4 to get deeply discount things like shoes and pants. Me not at all. Like I said I do online for most things during the holiday sale days. But I like to wonder in goodwill and thrift shops as they too have sales during this time. Odd I know. Who'd have thunked it.

I guess I'll close this here and get my day going. Sending well wishes and <<< hugs >>> to all.
Linda R
mnjeepguy responded:
Mimi, I am very happy for your family. It is hopefully the end to what you all have been suffering through. It is indeed sad just how many bad things can happen to good people. Guilty until proven innocent is not how it should work but it seems to be all too common.

It was a good today for me. Despite a very long haul yesterday I feel pretty good. My back is firing warning signals, but holding out as it has for the most part. The middle back issue has improved. I hope it stays this way or better for a while. The last flair has gone on for a long time.

Stress is down a bit, the DW is smiling again and headed back to her old job for now. She was supposed to start mind November but her boss asked that she come back on the 4th her old schedule. I think her boss missed her.

We took a crisp walk this evening just around downtown. It was cool at about 40 degrees, but a very nice night. We just had to bundle up a bit. Of the edge of downtown their is an old railroad roundhouse they are in the process of tearing down. These are very interesting landmarks. In the days of steam engines it was used to store and repair them with a round floating mechanism in the middle for positioning the engines in stalls of the building. Some tried to save the old girl to restore and repurpose it but it was in poor shape. It is now city property and will hopefully bring in a new business to take it's place.

Bette, it looks like Wellsville beat out Two Harbors. for snow. We have had a few hints of it but nothing on the ground yet. My son Jonathan was colicy for over 2 years. I could barely hold him. He has a slight learning disability but it is fading away. He is very sweet and kind for 13.

Linda, I love a good deal. If I need something but can wait a bit, I try to find the best deal on it. In a pinch though I try to support local shops and just pay a little extra.

I do hope you are all doing well, especially those we haven't heard from lately. Take care everyone.

missist replied to bette_kaffitz's response:
so true Bette--I read a thing last night that called fibro pain 'learned pain' we learned to be in pain? somebody slap me! I mean-- what does that mean?
missist replied to mnjeepguy's response:
Good Evening folks..
Mimi-- glad that is behind you. It was cold here this morning too. I brought most of my plants in yesterday, didn't check weather for tonight--I just thought if I don't bring the rest in--fine.

Had EEG and MRI & Labwork today. I still have some paste in my hair--did wash it but I guess I keep missing some.

No results yet. I've never had an eeg before so I was thinking that it would be good if I had one of those episodes during the test. The tech said that she would use strobe lights and breathing fast for 3 min. to try to cause a seizure. So there was no seizure--I thought. After it was over I was kind of bummed cuz I thought--well how will they know what it is if it doesn't happen? Anyhow I remarked to the tech and she laughed and said, don't worry your brain is plenty busy. So-- not sure what that means-if its good or bad or ? Left there and got the MRI and the bloodwork. I guess my neuro should have most of the tests tomorrow and hopefully will contact me. I suppose it could be as late as monday before I know anything, hopefully not.

So not much going on otherwise. Took the grands to library yesterday and out to get some new shoes. That was fun and tiring. I wanted them to have cozy feet for cold weather. Evelyn loved her cute shoes and Jake I don't think has ever had real shoes yet, his feet are so pudgy I had to get the shoes a little too big to get them in.

He seemed fine walking in them, and climbing on things!
Next week when we go to story time they get to wear costumes. Can't wait!