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    Spinal Stimulator
    chermoli10 posted:
    Has anyone here had a spinal stimulator implanted in their back for back and or leg pain? My doctor wants me to have this done but I am very concerned about the fibro part of my body that hates anything messed with. I am concerned that I will have muscle spasms or knots where the stimulator is or that it will cause more pain around it. Also, I'm concerned about the battery and having to turn it off when I'm driving. I don't travel because the fibro is so bad, but I wonder how you pass through security with one implanted. I've met with a rep from the company that makes them, but he didn't have any info on how fibro people tolerate them. Any information anyone has would be greatly appreciated.
    bette_kaffitz responded:

    I had one implanted in 2011 and removed this summer. If my pain doctor had implanted it, it would still be in. The orthopedic surgeon decided to stick it where he wanted it. It never helped with the constant pain at my waist. The trial one my pain doc had in for 5 days was great.

    Security should be no problem. You will have a card to identify you as a stimulator patient and will be treated just like those with pacemakers.

    I don't know about you, but if I were pain-free before I got into the car, pain-free when I took rest stops/meals, and pain-free as soon as I reached my destination, I MIGHT take a while to feel pain by driving.

    YOU decide on which stimulation pattern you want. YOU can adjust how intense it is. Your device will be set so that you cannot turn it up enough to reach the point where YOU hurt. The battery pack is recharged as you need it (at least once a week) with a unit you precharge at an electric outlet for a few hours and then wear around the house on a velcro belt thing so the charger paddle is right over your implanted battery.

    Hope this helps.

    chermoli10 replied to bette_kaffitz's response:
    Thanks for the information. I am sad for you that it didn't work as the temp did. -Liz

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