Cataract surgery
deansmimi posted:
Has anyone had this surgery at mass eye and ear on Charles St In Boston, Ma? My right eye is very bad. they say the cataracts are in front and in back and are very thick. they had problems doing the first exams that kept us there for 4 hrs. they first dilated my both eyes, and then tests, then sent us else ware., ewhere they put gel, a numbing agent, and also dilated both eyes again. I couldn't see right until 10pm. since then, my supposedly good eye has gotten worse, and I can't see to do close work. My checkbook is a disaster. I live alone and need one good eye until I have surgery. I Will have to have the left eye done after. I hope I can last. If anyone has had it done anywhere and can give me some feedback, It will be much preciated.

hoping you all have painless holidays, God Bless! Marie Deans,imi
rudyandirmouse responded:
Hi Marie, cataract surgery is very painless and you will be surprised how quickly you see better then before your eyes got the cataracts.I was afraid to have my eyes done. I shouldn't have been concerned know that now. They did my left eye, which was the worst, and then in a few weeks did the other one. I can't tell you how wonderful it is to have 20/20 again. So go for it.
Linda R
franr responded:
Hi Marie
The Mas Eye and Ear is one of the best facilities to have eye and ear surgery.They are very experienced in treatment of diseases of the eye and ear.No matter what type of surgery we have there is always some apprehension. It is very normal to feel scared.After your surgery you will be be able to see so much clearly. Hope all goes well. Fran R
deansmimi replied to rudyandirmouse's response:
Thank you, Linda. I have COPD and on oxygen. I'm worried about the anathesi with my breathing. I also would like to know how Long recovery was, and how many follow up appts. To go?? My daughter is coming from Florida to assist me. She has to leave her Business to help me , and winter is her busy time. She doesn't 't have to--she wants to.I appreciate her so much.My right is the worse, but lately my left has gotten worse. I paid my bills yesterday, by check, and Had a hard time seeing up close.

Thanks again, and God bless you, Marie
deansmimi replied to franr's response:
Thank you Fran, for your info. IT's much appreciated.