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    Sunday, 11/3/2013 ***An extra hour of *sleep*?
    dollbug posted:
    Morning FMily...MiMi in NC where the sun is bright and shining this morning. It is going to be a nice day. I think the weather people *missed the target* this morning as it was not as cold as they predicted. The temps did go down and it was windy, like they said but it was supposed to get to near freezing or below...that did NOT happen. Yesterday I got m DH to make a *protection area* for my 3 plants. They are so full and pretty still. My son told me that IF I could protect them from the frost that this should save them. A couple of nights I put some old sheets on them. So I then decided that they needed something else.

    DH built a small frame and we ended up putting up plastic around them. He also made a *bench* to sit them on so they would not be on the ground. The plastic is where I can lift it up during the day so that they can get air when the temps are ok. I guess we will see just how long they survive.

    I did too much yesterday. One would think that after a while we FMers can know when to rest, but sometimes it is hard to do.
    I rested ok but the extra hour did NOT make a difference since I woke up too darn early again. I did not get there but tried to drift back off to sleep and when I finally did, the furbabies woke me up. is one thing or yet another.

    It is what it is though. We must continue to keep on keeping on. I am having chicken pot pie today for lunch, with a salad and some muffins. An easy fix but I also need to tidy up the floor as well. Not good.

    Welcome to the new members who have joined our support group recently. I am sure that each of you will soon find something that will help you cope better. Learn all you can about what others have found that has made a difference for them.

    Vitamin D...again I continue to include this in most of my I think it is so very important to many people and it just might make a difference to those who are feeling pain. Low Vitamin D can cause some people to have additional pain and it can also affect other illnesses as well.

    That's my story and I'm sticking to it.

    Have a great Sunday...enjoy the sun, if you have any and remember to pace, pace and pace even more.


    debrabrooks1960 responded:
    Happy Sunday to all!,
    I had a busy day yesterday. I got up at 6:00 am yesterday and started cleaning house. My whole family was coming over for our annual Halloween party. We always have the party when my niece has her children. Her and her ex shares them by taking every other week. So this was her week. Then my brother and I made our front porch deck into a haunted house. Some of the older children helped. They had a blast building it. Then I had to start all the food. By 4:00 pm you could find me asleep in my recliner! Luckily I got to sleep for about a hour before the party started. We had a great party! Every one made different kinds of soups. It was chilly outside so we had a big bon fire. The kids got to roast hot dogs with the help of their parents. They also roasted marshmallows. We had a kinds of games for them play. Everyone got at least 2 prizes for winning. We helped the younger ones to win. So no one went home without at least 2 prizes.

    I was glad the time changed today. It sounded a lot better to wake up at 12:00 instead of 1:00 pm! I hope everyone had a great weekend.

    Soft hugs to all!
    Your not over the hill until you are under the hill.
    mnjeepguy responded:
    Good evening everyone. It was a nice relaxing day today. We went to the next town to find a reasonable recliner. There are three big stores there so we cruised them all before making a decision. At the last store we found one. We were looking for a chair that was not too large for the space but big enough for 6' tall me. We get it on Wednesday. I can't wait. I haven't had one in years and miss it big time.

    I signed up for LTD pending acceptance. It's only $11 a month, cheap added security.I do not think I have any real diagnosis on paper that would stop me from being accepted. I filled out a medical history that I have to mail in.

    I was up late last night so I will be to bed early. I have a hectic schedule ahead of 12 days in a row. Wish me luck! I will need all I can get.

    NancyB, I hope you are ok and feeling better ASAP.

    Take care everyone,

    dollbug replied to mnjeepguy's response:
    Hello Cory....I hope you like the recliner that you bought. I have to sleep in my Cat Napper....(not by choice though). I have done so since 2005. I tried the mattress topper but did not sleep long enough...and woke up so sore that it was not work my effort. I also use pillows so that my body does not actually touch the recliner.

    I think you will be glad that you signed up for the LTD. I do want to say though that I hope you will be sure and get some sort of *proof* that you have it. I had it and money was taken from my paycheck each month. But when I got laid off...(2 days after my surgery) the company would not allow me to use it-as they have to do the paperwork and send it in. I had filed a workers comp claim and they thought that they should not turn in the LTD. Later on the company's attorney lied and denied my WC claim also. So I was left with actually *nothing to fall back on*. The company eventually closed its doors.

    I ended up and filed disability and was eventually approved for it, after being denied to begin with. It makes me sick since I was entitled to the LTD which would have actually paid me more than I get from SSD.

    Just be sure and keep your paperwork and also get the insurance company name and where to contact them if you need to. You never know what might happen.

    $11 a month is worth the added security, just in case you need it.

    I hope you will be ok with working your next 12 days in a row....don't see how you can manage this though.

    Good luck and take care. Remember to pace, pace and pace even more, or at least as much as you possible can.


    bette_kaffitz replied to mnjeepguy's response:

    It's amazing, isn't it, just how many people who can purchase long term disability insurance don't. Almost everyone knows someone who was injured in an accident or contracted an illness that had devistating consequences.

    You are much smarter than most young family men. You have helped protect your family from something you hope will never happen.

    Our best man and his family moved to his adjacent farm when we moved to ours. He flopped a tree on himself cutting firewood alone in the woods. His wife found him when he didn't come in for lunch. He had been parrallized first, but by the time the ambulance came he had died.

    With this wake up call my husband got LTD insurance, and we reviewed our life insurance to be sure they were adequate. Since I wasn't working at the time, we did not get me LTD insurance. Luckily, I was able to teach long enough to be vested. My teachers' retirement is more than my SSD was and regular SS is now. Disability can happen to anyone at any time.

    Where I worked, we also had a sick day account where we could join, donate a day or two to the fund, and be paid for shorter term disability after normal sick days ran out. At first the younger employees didn't want to join. Then a 24 year old guy was in a motorcycle accident. The youngsters ALL joined after that.

    Again, you are doing the right thing.

    painfullyexhausted replied to bette_kaffitz's response:
    Ok so I'm one of those people that knows zip about LTD insurance. I've heard a lot of talk about it recently but was under the impression that if you have "pre-existing" health problems that you could not qualify. Can you give me the short version if this so I will at least have some knowledge when I inquire about it ? Is it through your employer or outsourced ? I guess I assumed that it fell under "disability" therefore you would be denied time and time again. Sorry, some ignorance here on all of this.
    mnjeepguy replied to bette_kaffitz's response:
    Thanks Bette, I have short term, (6 months through work). The bad part is that if a person is out for 6 months they are terminated. We do not get any sick days, so the clock ticks right away. This gives me up to five years for a very cheap premium. I also plan to up my life. It is also through work but not very much. I hope I never use it but it feels good to have a plan.


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