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missshortyd posted:
Morning Fmily
I have been in the worst flare for a couple of weeks.
My arms and legs hurt so very bad I can hardly touch
them.The pain starts from my waist down my butt to my
foot , my ankle feels like it's broke and I can't even lay on
that side. My new thing is when I go the the bathroom to
have a bm it take forever no pain just slow. I know fibro
effects the muscles so I think that's the problem. Just
wondered if this has happen to anyone else.

crystalgreeneyes responded:
Hi Always..Yes, symptoms change, pain levels change, moods change, there's good days and bad days and certainly at any given time we are dealing with MANY issues. With regard to your new symptom you should consider the possibility of IBS which often occurs in Fibro. sufferers. Personally, I never had a problem with this prior to being diagnosed with FM and now I do and it started quite some time after the diagnosis. Another reason could be sensitivity to gluten or specific gluten intolerance (Celiac disease) for example or a number of different foods that cause inflammation in the digestive tract. Medications can cause bowel problems as well.
I am not gluten-free (yet) but I have tried avoiding those foods that contain it. It's not easy but it has helped.
Check with your doc. Hope you feel better soon.
bette_kaffitz responded:

One thing about fibro, it always has another twist. There is a very good chance that you are experiencing irritable bowel syndrome. It is one of the many "twitchy-feely" things that seem to often go along with fibro.

Before you can say that this is true in your case, your doctor will have to rule out any other (possibly dangerous) possibilities. Once you are sure the problem IS IBS, you will have to slowly increase your fiber intake. Even if your symptoms were loose bowels, fiber would still be the answer. If you are positive that you do not have a problem with gluten, one of the easiest way to add fiber is to have a bran cereal for breakfast. I love my raisin bran and can tell you that if I go a day without it I AM SORRY FOR SEVERAL DAYS AFTERWARDS.

My IBS was the kind that went from diarrhea to constipation--sometimes in the same bowel movement. Either way, it was horribly uncomfortable, unpredictable, and unpleasant. There were numerous "accidents" to make things worse. It has been several years since I began my raisin bran "treatments," and I can honestly say that, as long as I have my breakfast of IBS champions, I have not had a single problem since.

I have also been using probiotics twice a day. I think that they have helped cut down on that gassy, bloated feeling.

I sincerely hope that your lower body muscle aches can be resolved quickly. It's no fun being sore, fatigued, fogged, and frustrated by the lack of solutions. Wouldn't it be great if just winning the battle with your bowels could trigger a release of all those other below-the-belt muscles? Stranger things have happened. Did you know that there is an "enteric nervous system?" Having a "gut reaction" is more accurate than most of us might imagine.

All the best,

Anon_10089 replied to bette_kaffitz's response:

The others gave good advice. I just wanted to emphasize that often we attribute all symptoms to the FM---and usually that is the case. But if you think something is very different or off, you may want to see your doctor or even do some of your own online research (unless that gives you anxiety!)

There have been some people here who ended up having problems other than FM that they had been putting up with for a long time. Also, doctors will often do the same thing.

I hope you get some relief!
kasie75 responded:
Sorry to hear you are feeling so bad. First the pain in yr bottom to your foot, does it run in a straight line down or is it all over. If you have shooting pain that start around the hip and runs straight down into your foot, then your sciatic could be out. Second if you are suffering from constipation then you have many options. I have constipation and here is a few tips for that. Make sure you are drinking lots of water, fiber is good. Medication and not being active can cause constipation. Magnesium can help and before I started this Magnesium called CALM which really helped with my bowels, I used bowel softeners daily which helps.
Hope this helps and I hope you are feeling better soon.

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