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fibroinsd posted:
Has anyone tried using this for treating fibro??? sounds interesting.. The article says it has proved inconclusive for use for fibro...but not sure what that means exactly.

It says it could help adrenal function??? maybe???

Curious of thoughts/ ideas..

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dollbug responded:
Hello cece...MiMi in NC. I did ask the man at the vitamin store if he knew if this helped FM. He said he did not. I am going to do some more research on this though. He did say that this is a hormone and that people should take it with caution. I guess it would not hurt to try a very low dose though just to see if indeed it just might make a difference. As I think we all know, we have to try things in order to know what it might do for each of us.

Anyway...I was hoping someone would reply to this. I did want to tell you though what I had found out.

I also saw where there are FM studies going on around the country...I actually sent an email to the one that is close to me but have not gotten any reply yet. I do not know what they are testing though.

Take care and I hope we will soon get some more info about this.


fibrokathy responded:
If you are concerned about your DHEA levels, ask your doctor to check your DHEA-S levels. I have read that DHEA level are affected by the sleep-wake cycle and its release occurs primarily during Stage 4 slow wave sleep. Lab levels of Dhea-Sulfate can be measured to determine if you need to supplement.

The normal range for a woman between 25-50 years of age is 150 to 250 mcg/100ml. DHEA is also responsible for initiating muscle tissue repair.

I have recently seen an endricrinologist and my levels were low. I plan to start supplementing. My doctor told me that if my levels go too high, I will start growing facial hair (lovely).

DHEA is available at any nutrition store, but I would not recommend supplementing unless you have a blood test that shows your levels are low.

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