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hannaloren posted:
has any body have a treatment for 5 weeks injection for fm
i realy would like to hear from anybody there i"m pretty new to fm
booch007 responded:
Good morning Hanna,

Sorry you are dealing with this too. I use trigger point injections to survive the mess we get in. I go every 2 weeks.

I have seen some that do small short visits and feel better and return when in trouble again. I have been consistant as I work so much and it was because I work they continued to fight for me.

At times I have had steroids in the syringe but mostly Lidocaine was used (mostly to help with the soreness of after) you can get a dry needle (like accupuncture) and still get a response from the muscle.

If it is trigger point injections you get, I will say after 10 years of them, they are not for the faint of heart. They hurt for a day and on the 3rd day I am so much better. At times I feel like I am carrying a turtle shell on my back and the neck is locked and if I turn the headache will come. These shots release all that and my body now has a conditioning to respond when stuck and I really do well.

The first few rounds of injections were tough. I really didn't think I would continue but the science end of it had me in.....I knew it would be my avenue in the end.

Your physician may look to 5 rounds of injections to look for benefit. Some insurances too may delegate that number and reassess after for what is still an issue.

I wish you luck. In the beginning I would go home and sleep to rest the muscles so they could reset.....then I went out to the store to distract myself like months later and now I go back to you see it gets better and so did I.

The headaches are rare now, the numb hands almost absent. The stiff range of motion problems so much better, but I don't hold the release for longer than 2 weeks with the movement I do. So I go every 2 weeks for injections. I receive 20 to as much as 60 in the beginning. ALOT of work needed to be done. I have a new doctor and she is not like the first. She wants me to tell her where I need help. The first one KNEW where I needed help. Also she just shot me.....talking the whole time.

I wish you luck, I wish that it helps you like it did me. Give it a chance to is well worth it in the end! !

Hugs, NancyB
kasie75 responded:
I have always hear how bad steroids are for your body. Now lidocaine (I do not think its a steroid) basically numb the area. I would like to hear more about this, my doctor hasn't suggested it for my pain. I wonder how long an injection of lidocaine would last? Anyway let me know what you try and if it helps.
I would like to try acupuncture, but at this point there is no way I could afford it and you have to keep at it. Its not a one time fixer. The funny part is my own sister does acupuncture and said she would do it for me if I cleaned her house. I laughed hello since I became sick, I can't even keep my own house cleaned like I used to so how in the world would I be able to clean hers. It's crazy if she was in pain I would do whatever I could for her but I guess she just isn't as giving as I am.

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