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sending mail
hannaloren posted:
please can anybody tell me how to write a message
and also where to look if i get a reply its very confusing
thank you hannaloren
dollbug responded:
Hello on my reply to the post you made earlier. I tried to answer your post.

I hope this help.

You can reply to anyone's post by clicking on reply. When you finish just *submit*.


hannaloren responded:
thank you for your help i still have not got it i think thank you hanna
hannaloren responded:
hallo all of you fm is still going strong with me now i would like to ask if any of you have very sore and swollen hands and feet some time i went to see a rheumatologist and he said i think its not fm because than you would not have swollen hands or feet has any one any idea ?????
thanks a lot regards hanneloren
fibroinsd responded:
not sure about you..but I do know that I have had trouble with swollen try to get the raised up...maybe follow the RICE, ice, compress and elevate...

The best thing I did was to get on a diet plan called helped me lose weight and got rid of a lot of the swelling..

Let's put the fun back in dysfunctional !- Mary Englebright
hannaloren replied to dollbug's response:
hallo just to say i got your mail thanks to you
where are you from i live in newzealand
i am just playing around with he p.c.
i hope i do it right this time
have a happy christmas and new year
regards hannaloren
thanks again
booch007 responded:

I would look for another Rheumatologist. His dx is being set on the fact you don't have swollen feet or hands? That is not the criteria for diagnosis at all. I will hope for you to google FM and get on any credible medical site including using this boards resources and information areas to the right to get educated for yourself. Education is power.

I see you are answering better so the first question of reply has been taken care of. For me I have to remeber to sign IN before I can post back to someone. That was a big hold up.....

OK, hoping you are somewhat better and welcome to the board............Nancy B

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