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A date for the RF Ablation
bette_kaffitz posted:
I just got a call from the pain clinic to set up my radio frequency ablation. It will be on Monday, December 16. Whoopee. Of course, there will be the usual beforehand--clearance from my doctor, blood and urine tests, meeting with the anesthetist (they do a twilight sleep like for the colonoscopies), and whatever else they want to add to the mix.

But at least it will be done by Christmas. Please add me to your prayers. I really NEED for this to take away my low back pain.

This need was reinforced by the joys of trying to clean our upstairs. DH and I went upstairs and found the mess our older son left when he removed one of the twin beds to set it up at his house for his girlfriend's little girl. He put paper products in with the Christmas decorations. He took the full size bedding along with the twin stuff I picked out for him to take. He overturned our previously lifelike tree. (Gosh, I hope the lights still work.) And of course there are a year's worth of cobwebs and dust in the hunters' room. At least our younger son's room is in pretty good shape. Climbing the stairs was a major PAIN in both hips and both knees. I've got the last load of bedding in the washer now, and we still have to go up and make all three beds.

Enough of the gripes. We are all free of any life-threatening illnesses.
We live in a beautiful place. We have two wonderful sons. So why do I complain?

I hope all of you can approach the holidays with the same feeling of promise that I feel right now. There are better ways to manage your fibro. With patience and a little help from your friends (all of us) you will find yours, too.

booch007 responded:

I am so happy for you and I will place you in the prayer chain. I Pray that it is one of the perfect ones! And you wake and walk out of the office like you are 30 y/o!!!

I have many blessings to count and this board is surely one of them. I often pause and can see so clearly that I am exactly where God wants me to be.

Be careful now but later too as you won't have pain holding you back. Take this project slow.......

Hugs from me, nancy B
bette_kaffitz replied to booch007's response:

Thank you so much for your prayers and thoughts. I feel better about this as it will be done by the same pain specialist who has been doing my nerve blocks for about 15 years. He knows my back and has never messed up yet.

The shame of it is that after you get the block on your worse side you have to go through the trial RF ablation on the other side, then get the real deal on that side. It is a protocol that cannot be skipped. I figure I should feel great by St. Patrick's Day. We'll see.

Thank you Nancy (and All of you out there) for your support.


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