dollbug posted:
Hello....I was reading your reply to Moxie and you were wondering about a support group for your friend...on headaches. I wanted to tell you that if you click on *communities* or Health A-Z you will find a group for this. You can tell your friend about this. Now I do not know much about this group but I am sure your friend can get some good info.

I also wanted to say this I have learned from research FM, I have read several times where magnesium is a good supplement to take to help headaches. I had quite a few under I had a hysterectomy and then after I finally recovered from it mine stopped. In a few years though I started having bad headaches again. After I had cervical (neck) surgery for my headaches went away again.

On occasion I still might get one, but it is nothing like I use to have. I take magnesium malate and I think this has helped me.

I hope you will tell your friend about WebMD and the info that she can get here.

Take care.


kittymommy responded:
Thanks, I just noticed your post, and have passed along the information. My friend has been cryptic about what she does or does not know, or what she has explored, so I get the feeling she doesn't want to talk to me about it.

Seems odd, as I am in a better position than most to understand almost exactly where she is coming from. I almost get the feeling she thinks somehow that I am somehow patronizing her when I confirm that I have had the same experiences, as if FM couldn't possibly be so severe as what she goes through!