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Pretty sure its Sunday, Hi all! :)
missist posted:
Well I have had maybe 3 hours of sleep--could not sleep last night so I got up and watched some tv. Why I woke at 6 am--?? I have no clue. I am heading up to NC to start emptying and cleaning the place Hubby is staying. He gave notice for Jan. 1 but I need him home sooner than that for Christmas as it is at our house here in SC. I was somewhat frantic yesterday, I have so much to do and I am not making progress. I told him I quit Christmas that I could not possibly do Thanksgiving, help him move and then do Christmas.

He had adifferent idea. We are skipping the fancy dinner for Thanksgiving. I'm going up now instead of next week and will spend just a few days working there. Then I am coming home to get ready for Christmas and he will finish his move by himself--and I do not have to go back up there.

I felt much better after that. It is still challenging for me. I am very disorganized and fatigued lately-- result of weather, stress and the toll those seizures have been taking on me. I'd sort of still like to cancel Christmas but it is important to have his folks over so they get to see us and their grandkids and great grandkids. Life gets shorter every year for some of us--I know this--my parents were both gone early and without my being able to say goodbye.

So anyhow- I"m doing it. I"m going to ask for help though.

I don't feel like driving today, but If I wait til tomorrow when I get there I won't feel working. LOL. So-- not much to do but go. I'll hit the hot tub and pack up and probably leave my house a little messy. I used to always need to clean it perfectly before going away--I just can't care about that as much now.

I'm hoping God willing the new RX will deal with the seizures and also help my depression and pain level as the neuro has told me she thought it would. We shall see..

Meanwhile I forgot to fill my gabapentin and now the pharmacy needs to talk to the dr, so I am noticing what it was doing that it is not doing. LOL. Glad I have the celebrex, but obviously I did need both. LOL.

Well I probably won't have that til after Thanksgiving, so just need to deal with it.

I'm thinking about applying for disability--but I think with my work record I won't get much if anything. I suppose it will help though. I don't know what my drs will say. I just think though 30 years of fibro & mps; high blood pressure, high cholesteral, allergies, asthma, hypothyroid and now epilepsy.. Time to put her out to pasture. I haven't worked a job now in about 3 years, my etsy biz is losing $ now, so that's no help and I think I need to dramatically change it anyhow so it won't be stressful.

Stress is the monster that gets all the other monsters a going.

So what do I do to do that? Tips?

Thanks and hope you all have a good day and better sleep.
dollbug responded:
Hello Mary...I guess I was posting the same time you were. Sorry about your night being short also. Stress will do this every time for me. Any little thing will cause me to get off my schedule. It does not take much at all. There are times which I do not even realize that I am stressed but I think any time I can not sleep then I must be worried about something.

I hope your trip goes well. I hope you will be able to do what you need to do without any additional problems. Can you not ask the drug store to call your doctor about getting your prescription refilled? I sure hope you will check. There are times when my DH needs his and we just call them and they call over to get it approved.

I hope you do decide to apply for your SSD. I would hope that you can get approved. You never know what might happen. And if you get denied, then just appeal the decision. That's what I did, plus I ended up contacting my local state representative as well. I think she helped me, although I am not sure about this. I did NOT have to appear in front of a judge.

I hope you remember to take your pillow in case you need it for your trip. I know that anytime I am out and about I have mine. It helps me with my back.

Take care and remember to pace, pace and pace even more.

Good luck with your trip.


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