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The cost of Thanksgiving to someone with fibro,,,,
penski posted:
This is what cooking and serving Thanksgiving dinner yesterday cost me...all the normal usual fibro pains and just for the fun of it A MIGRAINE !!
After 18 hours, 4 vicodins, 2 excedrin migraine, 1 alavert, 2 cups of caffeine coffee, 2 cans of caffeine pop, a handful of saltine cracker I couldn't keep down, double icing my head front and back most of the time and 8 hours of not so peaceful sleep. It finally has started to ease.
Fibro takes so much from us and what it allows you to do, you pay dearly for.
But despite it all dinner was delicious and I enjoyed myself, so who won this one me or fibro?? I think it a tie...LOL
kasie75 responded:
After cleaning most of the day before Thanksgiving then on Thanksgiving just getting ready and cooking most of the morning. So from cleaning the prior day and cooking the day of by the time for us to eat I was exhausted and did not even feel like eating but I sat done and ate with my family anyway. Then when everyone left of course my husband nor kids offered to help clean up the kitchen mess so I worked on it for awhile rested awhile then cleaned some more. I was hurting so bad by the time I went to bed I was so glad to get to sleep. It was nice to see my family and it was the first Thanksgiving I have had at my house in about ten years!
fibrokathy replied to kasie75's response:
Same her- after cleaning on Wednesday and cooking on Thursday, I was exhausted. We had a wonderful Thanksgiving dinner at home, but I also got stuck with the cleaning up because my crew went shopping shortly after dinner.

I think next year I will make reservations out.
dakotaspirit1957 responded:
I made a small dinner Friday eve for my family here so they could spend Thanksgiving at the last moment with my so-i-laws family... no one but a couple of the kids wanted to go... but I was exhausted from baking Wednesday so I guess it worked for me... lol... And I got to watch my Cowboys win in peace lol...
Which made my

But as you Saturday I woke up with a flare... A migraine... Both just accented by catching another stupid cold... Coughing is much easier this morning... lol.... Even if my head is still sore... lol...

I hope you have a much nicer day today... If not... rest... you deserve it... I am sure we all do...

take care... with love... Jan/Dakota

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