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Sunday ****12/1/2013 ****Can you believe it is now Dec?
dollbug posted:
Morning FMily. MiMi in NC where it is 26* this morning and chilly. I was exhausted yesterday. Both hips were in pain. I think this is due to climbing stairs at my DD's house. She lives in a house with a half basement and garage. I am not use to going up and down so many every day. Thanks goodness they are now back home. I know that I crossed my line yesterday and I sure paid for doing it also. I did rest good last night and I do feel some better today.

Here is hoping each of you also had a good night's rest and I hope today will be a good day for us all as well, with little or no pain.

I have managed to stay clear of the stores during this peak time. I have seem where there has been several *incidents* of people trying to shop. There have been many who have not provided good examples to our next generation. I think most have perhaps lost the true meaning of the season....which is so very sad.

Welcome to the new members who have joined our FM support group recently. I am sure that you will find some good information from this site from people who have found what has helped them cope better. It does take a *combination of tools* for the most part, as there is not just one good tool which works for everyone. So continue to try different things and soon you will know which ones are worth you doing again.

Vitamins and supplements have been what I have found that has helped me along with other things as well. A heating pad is something that I use most every seems to calm the nerves which are touchy. Stopain Spray is a good tool that I use as well. Last night on both hips I used this and it did ease the pain. Drinking plenty of water is also a must. This is a simple thing that perhaps a lot of us do not even think about doing, but I know that it sure makes a difference for me. ( I drink mostly water each and every day as my main beverage - I am not a coffee or tea person. I do have a cup of hot chocolate (dark) on the cold morning.)

Vitamin D....again I have to include that I think this is my favorite tip. Do your own research about Vitamin D and just how important it has been found by researchers to a lot of people these days. Low Vitamin D can cause additional pain and it can also affect other illnesses as well.

That's my story and I'm sticking to it.


dakotaspirit1957 responded:
hi all... congratulations Mimi on your new grandson... I am so glad all are doing well... glad you made it thru the day and got some good rest last night...

I had a quiet Thanksgiving... My daughter and her family got invited at the last moment to her mother-in-laws... So I spent a quiet day at home.... We had Thanksgiving dinner Friday eve... It was still a nice and tiring lol... I have caught another cold so I was just achy and ready to crash after the turkey lol.... But I shared a little family time and then when the kids were being sent off to bed I went home to mine... It was a long day... but satisfying...

My daughter was't happy about spending Thanksgiving away but I told her I could use some quiet and rest anyway... also told her they could have them for Thanksgiving... I get Christmas... lol... she gladly agreed... seems every time they go there for it there is fighting and her husband ad his mom like to throw things lol... They seemed to make it thru Thanksgiving... but barely...

I think it is so sad families have to fight over holidays... they seem to fight enough without them... But at least here we had a nice one...

I am going over to watch the Gk while my daughter takes her husband to work in an hour... I still have to eat so I best close... I hope you all had a great Thanksgiving... And are doing well... I am preparing to put up the tree soon... If my Gk's are ever ungrounded at the same time lol.. I just may have to do it myself... lol...

take care... love to all... Jan/Dakota
booch007 responded:
Good morning Mimi and Fmily,

Yes it is December and it will fly bye too as we hurry to meet Christmas with open arms and joy. I can't believe I am 36* and warmer than you? Crazy...I have to put out another spot light on the trees as my decorations this year. SMALL steps.

Well with the tree up I went out to the mall (which I never do)
It was not crowded and Black Friday deals were still going on til 12n......SO I spent more money. I went in for one thing, a top for the Christening, we have a store with fancy gowns and such and I get them there USUALLY....not yesterday. I went to Macy's and got a perfect top. So I am ready.....

But then I was IN Macy's and ended in the childrens dept, then the Housewares with all the Lennox gifts......I went to the car (parked in handicap....I knew I needed.) and dropped off the 3 bags I was trying to carry. THAT IS THE SADDEST THING...I would shop there if they had carts. I cannot hold things....Standing in line is like torture...the pain is so "in my face".

Once I went to a huge mall in Connecticut and I brought a luggage carrier. I would say that was 10 years ago and I never shopped Christmas in the stores again. Kohl's and I do just fine with a sprinkle of QVC.

It was so nice to walk the mall and SEE the stuff out. I got Yankee candle plug in's at 50% off and Dinner show tickets for my SIL's & BIL's. You can pick up the spirit a bit just hearing the music surround you and seeing Santa with the children (watched that for a bit when I stopped dead in my tracks.)

I went directly to the masage girl and had 40 minutes of torture, as each triggerpoint hurt like hell as she passed over it. I went and drank 24 oz of water at our deli and sat a minute to see DH, and then a hot chocolate chaser** yumm, and back home.

OK, long winded but I wanted to share even though I am a mess. I really am a mess my muscles are fatiguing so easily, and I am a bit locked in my skin. I am mobile and pushing to move forward. One extra dose of meds....a quick dinner made and plenty of music around me. This is enough to pull me into a hole of saddness. As I have so much to do for the holiday and the Christening.

I only have this week off.......I have shots on monday and I am hopeful for a reset of function. If it doesn't happen, I have to be small and do small things and use the tools we have. But I MUST pay attention to not getting low. All the mental tricks too, as that will just spiral me.

I am not sure what really set me off. I know the baby was a tough night, I could feel it. BUT I am just not over there alot and HAD to hold her. No BOPPY pillow was in sight, shoulda asked.......always can have a shoulda when you look back.

Today is laundry and wrapping the gifts to get them under the tree. I got some nice stuff and it is in THAT, that you find your holiday spirit. That magical gift you know you nailed for someone.....My poor DH is getting things he NEEDS...not anything he wants (not that he would tell me). He is a happy man with little.

OK....hoping someone gets me a pen on a string for around my neck....THAT is what I need, I never have a pen now with the running around. Lab coat on-off put it down somewhere....embarrassing....

Great day and hope the road I took to survive helps some newbie here to get through a shopping experience.

God Bless the heating pad inventor..................NancyB
mnjeepguy responded:
Good Sunday everyone. It was a beautiful day here yesterday with sun and almost 40 degrees. I took advantage by walking to the beach and found some very nice agates. This is the best time to find them as very few people are there all winter.

Today was cooler and cloudy. We took on cleaning out the front entry closet. It had 14 years worth of build up. We donated 4 bags of coats and winter wear, threw out about 5 bags of trash, and reorganized the whole thing. After we were done the tree and decorations went up. The boys were a big help with both tasks and I did take a couple breaks in there too.

After that I had to replace the thermostat in my truck. At least it was an easy and cheap fix. The temp gauge was bouncing around yesterday. Not having a garage and working in the cold is no good so I try to take care of these things as much as I can in fair weather. I really need to prioritize the garage build soon.

I have to get cleaned up and run to the store to get fixings for the porketta roast for dinner. We haven't made on in a while.

I am greatful I stayed away from the stores as well. I will have to go get lumber soon for the bathroom makeover, but I have some time.

Nancy, sorry your a mess. I hope you feel better asap.

Have a good evening everyone, take care.

fibroinsd responded:

Ok..I have my grip for the day. Dad called this morning and said he wasn't feeling well..not up to going to church. So I went him his pills, and then breakfast...then he took a nap..and then more of getting him dressed and ready for the day..Noon time pills..and a few things to eat...and came home..

So my morning feels like it was shot...I realize that he is fine a lot of the time...but more often than not, I feel like he calls needing help and he needs to go to assisted living or something..but then he feels better and then they refuse to go...I know..I know...I should put my foot down and not go over there ...because that is just like enabling them using me..but I feel trapped...

And while I am there..he is telling me that the new caregiver is telling him not to eat this or that...and so he isn't eating it..well, seems if I tell him to eat certain things ...then he won't do it..and I feel like they would be better off someplace with constant care..but I don't feel like I can find that place around least not for what we can afford...most places want between $8,000 to $10,000 per month for the two of them.. I am just ranting and not expecting or wanting people to tell me to do this or that...I know the options..

Let's put the fun back in dysfunctional !- Mary Englebright
kasie75 responded:
Hi Mimi,

Glad to hear your grand baby is here and healthy. Like you fatigue is my biggest problem! I have been trying to help out at my sister restaurant to get a little money but it totally kills me. I worked 4 to 9 last night and it was busy, today I hurt and was totally fatigued and sleep most of the day. I still have not got my Vit D level checked it but think I may try to do that tomorrow. I have been waiting on money since I have no insurance and already owe my doctor a ton, I wanted to have a payment made prior to making an appointment.

Wish me luck this week, before I get into nursing school I am taking a CNA course and this week will be the end however I have clinical tues through Friday from 7am -3pm at a nursing home. Not only is it going to be tough on me physically but I am always so fatigued that it is going to be so hard for me to make it there by 7am. So I need all the prayers I can get from everyone.

dollbug replied to fibroinsd's response:
Hello sorry that you are having to deal with so much right now. I think that when people get old it is hard to remember things anyway and they are easily confused as well.

I will also say this much that putting them somewhere with constant care that you will still worry about them....maybe no quite as much, but I do not think anyone will do what you do.

It is quite amazing just how much these places charge.
Not sure that anyone provides *quality care* for the price that you will have to pay either.....which is sad.

I know it is a trying time for you. It is like you are put in the middle.....between a rock and a hard spot with no place to go.

I know just how tough it can be. If they are going to have to pay this much, perhaps you should just move them in and take care of them and let them pay could probably just collect half. Of course the government would NOT help you though if you decide to do this.

Just thinking outside the box here.

I do hope things will get better and that you will be able to figure something out which will work for everyone.

Take care.


fibroinsd replied to dollbug's response:
Thanks Mimi...thanks for the kind thoughts...

yea...went back last night to fix dinner..and naturally, dad was doing "fine" and mom...well..she is always "fine"...

And their house just isn't big enough for us to move in there..and they couldn't do the stairs moving together would mean finding a place for us both to move..and I don't think I am up to being stuck with them all the time...finding it hard to have a day off..and yea..I did think that if I worked for them I would make more money than I make working now...but I again, just don't want to be that tied to them...they drain me much too much..

So sooner or later, I will have to talk to them about making some sort of plan..

Let's put the fun back in dysfunctional !- Mary Englebright

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