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Sciatica flare-up
sheilarae12 posted:
Anybody gone through this? Going on 3 months! UGH! Chiro, accupunture and sucks!
bette_kaffitz responded:

Yes it does suck! I assume you have pain medication that should work but doesn't. Have you tried physical therapy? One of the stretches I learned there may help.

There is a muscle called the piriformis that sits right on top of the sciatic nerve. When the piriformis contracts, it pulls closer to the body and entraps the sciatic nerve.

There's a way to gently stretch the piriformis. Either lie on the floor or sit there with your legs straight out in front of you. Let's assume that your right hip is the problem. Cross your right leg over the left and plant your right foot on the floor outside the left knee. (If you can't go that high, go where it feels doable to you.) Grab the right edge of your bent right knee and GENTLY push it to your left. You should feel the piriformis stretch. Hold the stretch for 10 seconds. Release for 20 seconds. Do 5 of these stretches the first day. If you tolerate the stretch with no flareup, try for 6 stretches the next day. Once you are up to 20 stretches, you can start holding the stretch for 11 seconds and slowly work up to 20 seconds for each stretch.

This stretch should not hurt. If it does, you are overdoing it.

There is a chance that your sciatic pain is really a bad arthritic hip. Usually the pain is in your groin. Mine was higher and indistinguishable from a tensed piriformis--at least to you. If it has been a while since your last X-ray and/or MRI of the area, it might be time for a little timely diagnostic work.

Hope this is helpful and that this mean pain is soon a thing of the past.

booch007 replied to bette_kaffitz's response:
Oh Bette good stuff......I was thinking too the pelvic tilt if it is eminating from the back. When I have had problems with the outer thigh and Psiatic pain. I lay on the floor with legs slighly bent and rais the pelvis off the floor a bit and tilt it up.

This stretches the back spinal area and can relieve pressure on the nerves.

The other thing and I am sure you know from being in a Chiropractors office. YOU STAND OR LAY sitting for any period of time (especially watching TV).
This just perpetuates the mess you are in.

Good luck, we can all feel that ouch. It is like having plantar fasciitis...and heel pain that goes with it. All been there at some point.

I hope it goes better soon. .

Nancy B
franr responded:
Hi Sheila

I agree with Bette and Nancy most PT's will encourage you to try exercise and stretches. But if your pain continues you need to be seen by an orthopedic surgeon for an evaluation. They may advise you to be seen in a hip clinic were they give patients cortisone shots that can be administered to the correct area of the hip.Donot delay and seek treatment so you can experience some relief.Hope this helps. Fran R
kasie75 responded:
Hi Sheila, my sciatic flares up time to time also. The last one was about two months ago and was the worse. It lasted almost a month and I could barley walk and the pain ran straight down my leg into my feet. I took pain meds and muscle relaxers. I went to chiro and had massage but nothing seem to help, I couldn't even lay on that side. I did stretch it out a couple times a day, do stretches for your bottom also it will also be tighter than you would think. Finally my just started getting better and then the pain at least there went away. I did heat and ice also.
I wish you luck I know how bad this can hurt!
coryc responded:
Yup, love that spot! I've been through PT and am a yoga teacher, so great stretches. I have also developed a love/hate relationship with a foam roller. While lying on my side, I can roll out through the hip/side of the quad to loosen that area. Also, sitting on it, rolling from the low back through the base of the hamstring. Hurts so good.....
sheilarae12 responded:
Thanks to ALL of you! Looks like I have a lot of stretching to do! Thanks for all the tips!
bnice2 replied to bette_kaffitz's response:
Thank you, My fibro just hit my around that area. This will help me a lot.
brokenmom2 replied to coryc's response:
Oh this foam roller sounds like a great idea! My massage therapist has me work with a field hockey ball....the foam roller might be a great alternative when I am just too sensitive to use the harder ball.

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