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Can Mucle Tension cause lumps?
missist posted:
My neck has been out of sorts this week and I think mainly cuz I overdid on yard work the other day. I noticed today I have a bunch of bumps on the back of my neck and near skull-- behind ear too.

Can really tight muscles do that?

dollbug responded:
Hello Mary....a heating pad on the area might just help you. I know that there are times when my neck gets stiff. I also have had a bump about the size of a half dollar which hurts to touch...when it does this I get out the heating pad for a few nights and soon it is better.

Take care.


missist replied to dollbug's response:
oops.. just put an ice bag on it.. I guess that was the wrong choice..
dollbug replied to missist's response:
Hello Mary...actually no, some people benefit from using ice...I never did and for whatever reason my body always responded to heat. I guess this is one of those things that we have to figure out what works for us.

Or you could alternate between the heat and ice...15 minutes each.

Whatever you feel works for you is what you need to use.

Take care.


meg_k replied to dollbug's response:
I get these, too. Heat and massage help. I call these my "trigger points" -- knots in muscle I presume are caused by spasm-ing -- and if you push on them they refer pain. I have heard others refer to the pain they cause m as "bee sting" type feelings. To me they feel like I imagine a cockleburr would feel if I had one caught under my skin.

I dont' know if they are actually really trigger poitns or not. Others in this Community know more than I do about that subject.

Take care & rest & try not to overdo -- our shared mantra!

booch007 replied to meg_k's response:
Good morning,

Try the heating pad idea, it means so much to us so often. If you push on these and don't get a pain reflex or referred pain I have to say.....

There are so many lymph nodes in the neck area. A painless lump has to be investigated by your doctor. They take one and biopsy it.

With this disease of ours, we blame him for everything and it may not be him at all.

If they are still there.....please get them seen. My trigger points are small circular sites of tremendous pain when active, lesser pain if inactive and touching or massage wakes them up.

Triggering with activity makes them be more active and fatigue of the affected muscle is always apparent.

So, Becareful they are not your lymph nodes (no pimple or infection near by to get them upset?) Good luck and let us know how you are doing.

Nancy B
coryc responded:
Yup, I get these too. Ironically, I'm sitting on the couch with a large ice pack on my shoulder and a heating pad on my low back. I find that both help. Sometimes I use the heat to sweeten the deal of an ice pack in December

Massage is also great, although I have found that even if a bump goes away (I have a couple that I can rely on always being around), it's back quickly.

Good luck!

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