Remember me?
monamia posted:
Probably not.

You knew me as Caprice, a moderator for WebMD. About a year ago today all of us mods were let go by WebMD and, unfortunately, we had no opportunity to say goodbye nor say anything in the following months.

It's good to see so many of the old familiar faces here! After so many years spent year, and having FM myself, I sure missed you all!

For me, for all of us mods, it's been a difficult year of transition. For me, there have been personal, relationship and health battles, along with trying to find a way to make a living. I am now working part time in my local town and still dabbling in the online world. People are nice and it's good to have co-workers that are nearby. I've made friends in my own town! Who knew that was possible? LOL But that doesn't change that I miss my WebMD family, including all of you.

If anyone still remember 'Caprice', hello. I'm not sure when I'll look in here again but if you're interested in viewing some of my photos, my best friend and I - both of us new to DSLR photography (that's a real camera, beyond a point and click) have begun our own PUBLIC facebook page. Not a lot of talk, just the sharing of our pictures.

We post under the name 'Harmony in MidStride', sharing two photos each per day (you'll see whose is whose on each picture), primarily of our beautiful British Columbia. You can find us at or and/or on Feel free to look in and like or follow any of them, and share if you come across a picture that speaks to you.

Miss you all. I wish you all the happiest of holidays, however you celebrate. And remember to PACE yourself! I admit I'm not having the best luck with that and boy! am I hurting and tired. But I'll keep persevering.

Take care,

dollbug responded:
Hello good to hear from you. I think everyone *wondered* what was going on.....actually we still don't know. It is funny as no one really told any of us anything. You were there and then you were gone. Not exactly a good way to do things, but I think all companies do this sort of *thing* now. I think companies don't exactly *appreciate* a good thing. You have been missed and so have the others. Dr. P was indeed an asset to our FM community. His picture stayed up for a long time and finally someone took it down.

I do hope you have adjusted now and I wish you well with whatever might be in your future.

As you already know there are many people who join and then just disappear. We still have a few dedicated members. A lot of them are now on FB. Funny just how much everything is changing though....and not necessarily for the good.

I hope you will check in with us again as it is so good to hear from you. I hope things will continue for you in a positive way.

Take care.


monamia replied to dollbug's response:
SO good to 'see' you, MiMi!

I miss you all and Dr. P too! He was such an asset to this community, as are you.

missshortyd replied to monamia's response:
Hi Mona
Glad you stopped in to say hi. We have all missed you and your wonderful advice.Have a happy holiday and a blessed New Year,

monamia replied to missshortyd's response:
Happy Holidays to YOU, Linda! Great to 'see' you!
bette_kaffitz responded:

I think I joined here just too late to be one of your regulars.

You should know that your work, your words, and your kind help lives on in many of your "TIPS".

When I was teaching, I wrote a handbook for our home-study GED students. 15 years later my little handout is still in use.

This is one type of immortality. I'll take it.

And you still live on here in the help you continue to offer through posts you made long ago. The "Caprice" name means something here.

Hope you continue to contribute both here and throughout your facebook, twitter, and printerest sites.

Thank you again.

monamia replied to bette_kaffitz's response:
Wow, Bette. You have truly touched me. Thank you so much for saying all of that. It means a LOT.


A very humbled and grateful,

booch007 responded:
Holy crap.....we were broken hearted when you disappeared and a bit angry when you didn't just sign on and stay with the fmily as a patient.

So glad to hear you are glad you came home to be here. I hope you will stay and post? Your eyes were so needed and our conversations priceless. Who knew your name was Mona!

What a cute handle...Monamia! so cute.

Well I am happy you broke out, found a job. Networked and made NEW friends.....sometimes thngs happen for a reason
and for you to turn it to a positive for you is ...p r i c e l e s s!

So nice to see you! Hugs, Nancy B (Up to 3 granchildren now!)
fibroinsd responded: so glad to see you...I am glad to hear from you..I will look for your fb page is good to stay connected..

Sorry about how things worked out for you with this place and I do hope things go well for you..

Let's put the fun back in dysfunctional !- Mary Englebright
monamia replied to booch007's response:
Hey there, Nancy!

We couldn't return for a very long time (it hurt us a lot too that we couldn't say goodbye) and then, once we could, my life was such a mess I needed to attend to other things for a while.

But I'm here now and will look in as often as I can.

Missed you and everyone!
monamia replied to fibroinsd's response:
Cece! Good to see you too! It's good to see everyone! Got a big smile on my face now.

And cool re fb. Scroll down and you'll catch glimses of my granddaughters too.
monamia replied to monamia's response:
P.S. to Nancy... THREE grandchildren?! How time flies!
katmandulou responded:
Hi Caprice!
You're right that we wondered what happened. As Mimi said, we've adjusted, some better than others. I'm glad that you've come back to say hello!

In the past year I've lost my Dad and gained a great-nephew - up to 32 nieces and nephews! I keep telling me to pace, take my meds and let go of what I can't control, but it;s hard.

I love your photography! I've liked your page and hope to see more. Welcome home!
monamia replied to katmandulou's response:
It IS hard, Lou, I agree!

So sorry about your Dad. (((softhugs))) Congrats on your great-nephew!

32??????? Wow!

Thank you re the photography and I'm glad you'll be looking in.
fibroinsd responded:
yes...I "liked" and I like your page...great pics...

Let's put the fun back in dysfunctional !- Mary Englebright