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Severe Muscle Cramps
carolaq posted:
I have been diagnosed with fibro. about 13 years ago. Recently in the last year I all of a sudden get severe muscle cramps all over my body at the same time. It is excruciating. I have been to the doctor twice and told there is no reason. All tests come back ok. My question is could this be a fibro problem. Please get back to me soon.
missist responded:
hi.. could be--but sounds kind of odd. Are you hydrated well? that would be my first thought-- drink lots of water, also vitamins D--B.

How long does this last? is it weather or stress related that you can tell? Or near monthly?
booch007 responded:
As above. Dehydration is the number one thing I thought of when i saw this. If your chemistry came back and he actually drew the calcium level and magnesium level.....

Magnesium though normal on a lab can be low intracellularly. Dr Oz states that everyone should be one 250mg a day. This is why I take it twice a day as we are special, not average people. It was helpful.

Remember too, that any change to body chemistry takes over 30 days to see a difference. So hydration with water , watch the amount of caffeine you are taking as this pulls water from you and only water will hydrate you, or a power ade ,soda is a killer. I am at the point that a glass of wine, a soda(coke) or anything that takes fluid from me....I get leg cramps that night.......

I have had my vascular system checked to be sure it wasn't that. Answer was fluid status. Good luck. Check and be sure he checked the calcium for you as well as magnesium.

Some here have had parathyroid issues and it was a calcium level that picked it can really screw you up. Call on monday and ask for the levels of calcium and magnesium. They should and will give them to you.

Good luck, Nancy B
hannaloren responded:
hallo i just read your message about your cramp
i use to have this terrible but now.......wait for it i put a piece of soap under my bed sheets and believe me it worked for me i was realy desperate and it helps
so have a good laugh about it [thats what i did> but i tried it and it works !!!!!!!!!!!
all the best from hannaloren
please try it and believe!!!!!!!!!!!
hannaloren responded:
hallo carolaq i have been trying to mail you but i think you did not get it this is about your cramp!!!!
i use to have a lot of cramps but one day i discovered [on the p.c.> that putting a piece of soap under my bedsheets could help to stop the cramp but i just laughed but then i tried it and YES NO MORE CRAMP it sounds realy stupid but it works
all the best regards hanna
monamia responded:
I can really say 'ditto' to Nancy's advice. I used to get these horribly, all over, in the middle of sleeping or driving or anything. Whole body cramps, leg cramps and so on.

Staying hydrated wasn't enough for me (though that's always a good idea). It wasn't until I added calcium and magnesium to my regular intake that they eased up. If I miss them for a day, the cramps are back. It was amazing the difference.

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