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    Candida and Fibromyalgia
    zippdee7 posted:

    Is there any correlation between Candida and Fibromyalgia? I recently saw something on Youtube where this Dr., I believe, saying that fibro may be caused by yeast or too much yeast in the body.

    I can't remember exactly what he said, but it was soemthing to this effect.
    kasie75 responded:
    I also have been trying to do research and I went on this Natural website and thought I would try some natural remedies along with what I am already doing.
    Anyway I read this too, there are so many theories, I also ready it was due to fluoride poison. I really do not care anymore what the cause is and no one really knows. It comes down to finding what works for you. In the Candida theory it is about what you eat well there a millions that eat so poorly and feel just fine. You can change the way you eat to see if your systems improve. Its all trial and error. I am trying different things and see what works for me. But if it was say Candida then everyone would be cured by just eating a certain way. I am trying some natural remedies and then I am also going to start looking into my food. Trust me if I find something that makes me feel wonderful, this board will be the first to hear about it!!!
    zippdee7 replied to kasie75's response:

    Thanks for your reply. I'm always looking. Been looking at different things over the years. Haven't had the courage to try too many things. The story kinda peaked my interest.
    meg_k replied to zippdee7's response:

    I personally think if your body is battling any sort of chronic infection, that lowers your ability to feel good, period. I know I have "yeast" (candida) because I have chronic yeast infections and athlete's foot, including toenail fungus that just would not go away. Ew! (Sorry, TMI!) I will not complain though, because my brother has CFS and has excess yeast far worse than I do. He gets skin rashes all over. Very uncomfortable.

    My bro advised me years ago to simply stop eating sugar because sugar is food for yeast. I know others do an entire elimination diet -- taking out all alcohol, fruit sugars, bread, etc. For me, it's enough to just avoid refined sugar. I just simply don't eat sweets. It's better for the waistline and I know when I've cheated that even 1 cookie means a yeast infection. It sucks but you get to learn your body after a while.

    One of my friends with FM keeps telling me if I get infections back that quickly, I should do a deeper candida cleanse but I just don't have it in me at the moment.

    Since I will be cheating over the holidays, I am packing extra Lamisil!

    This is one crazy situation we got going on here with FM.

    zippdee7 replied to meg_k's response:

    I was embarrassed to say, but I am in your very same predictament. I have trouble with infections and fungus too. That's why when I saw that on youtube, I was interested. I eat lots of bread and starches and lots of pop.

    I'm hooked on pop. I know I need to stop, but it is still one of those small things that I still enjoy. Have thought about the cleanse too, in fact, I'm seriously considering it.

    Thanks for the honesty. It has helped me more than you know. I am interested in anything that I can fix.

    dollbug replied to zippdee7's response:
    Hello Z....was reading your reply and wanted to comment. Have you tried taking a Probiotic? Also you just might want to try to give up the pop for a while and drink lots of water. You might be quite shocked at a difference this might make.

    I know that we are all different and what works for one may or may not work for someone else....but you have to do your own trial and error process. Keeping a daily journal might also help you.

    I know that when I first got sick I tried different medicines but was unable to find any of them which really helped me without causing other side effects. So I eventually decided to educate myself and do my own trial and error process to find the right combination of tools. I have since found that I can *control my FM pain by taking vitamins and supplements and doing other things as well*.

    It does take time and effort. You actually should allow at least 6-8 weeks of whatever you decide to try before making a decision as to whether or not what you are doing is really helping you. (you have to start over IF and WHEN you change whatever you are doing, which would be increasing or decreasing something.)

    Take care and good luck.


    meg_k replied to zippdee7's response:

    I forgot to mention one important thing. When I stopped eating sugar, I felt so much better. Not just because of no longer having the irritation of infections, but my fatigue got better.

    Now, if I eat sugar, I just feel gross and it just doesn't tempt me as much as it used to because I no longer enjoy the quick high/hyper feeling from sugar, followed by a crash.

    I know how you feel. I drink waaaay too much diet pop. Do we have to give up EVERYTHING? That is one "vice" I really want to keep. That said, I would encourage you to at least try temporarily stopping sugared pop if that is what you drink. You can always add a food or drink back into your diet if you don't feel better off of it. And if you really feel better without it, it's not as hard to give up.

    Good luck ,Meg
    bette_kaffitz replied to meg_k's response:

    Diet Pop! I don't know whether you know this, but many of the "experts" think that aspartame (nutrasweet) is one of the triggers for fibromyalgia. If you need a reason to cut down or quit, this is a biggie.

    I get yeast and fungal infections a lot, too. I was rehospitalized after my hip replacement for a C. diff infection. While there, I was on a clear liquid diet with no form of sugar or sugar substitutes. (I'll leave to your imagination the joys of having to "run" to the bathroom for "the runs" with a painful hip and a slow walker. And the hospital's toilet didn't even have a higher, hip-friendly seat.)

    I have found that a SMALL amount of fruit juice added to a large glass of water is very satisfying. A lemon slice in my ice water--like they serve it in the nicest restaurants--is quite refreshing. And there is nothing artificial in it either.

    I grew up with a baker for a father. Our breakfast was always some kind of coffeecake or pastry. My brother and sister can take sugar or leave it. I crave it. I try to stay away from any added sugar, but my biggest treat is still ONE York peppermint patty. Like you, I know I feel better with no simple sugar in my diet. Like most of us, that's easier said than done. Sugar is addictive.

    I think that wheat and other grains are too. I couldn't imagine not having my bran cereal in the morning. No amount of probiotics would keep the irritable bowel at bay without my natural laxative each day. And please don't even mention prune juice. Any guess how much sugar that stuff has? Let's just say the yeast infections love it!

    I think we each have to do a short term strict elimination diet. Anyone can do without a food for 1 week. Then if we slowly add one suspect food at a time back and see what happens, it
    won't take long to see just effects each of us. That is my New Year's project.

    booch007 responded:
    I fought a terrible battle with Candida years ago and by history and it was my Gluten intolerance that had my "flora" all out of wack.

    We have so many bacteria's in the colon for the continued digestion of foods and nutrients and they make important products for us. Like Vitamin K. But with the gluten I screwed up everything with the diarrhea. So I have a habit of using the Lactobaccilus acidophyllis capsules to keep good colon health.
    There are 3 good bacteria that need to be promoted and yogurts can help a bit, but getting them in the store is a bigger dose. I at first used a product called green vibrance and I have to more issues.

    There is theory that the fungal overgrowth for us puts toxins in the muscles and makes the symptoms worse. I don't know if all that is what I believe, but I do know that getting the balance better in so many ways has helped me.

    Good luck in the hopes of this. Do anything to tune yourself up. It is amazing how much better you can be with all the ducks in a row. Took me over 10 years to get it all so much better. So don't look for better in a week. Keep at it....

    The physiatrist said it take 60 days to change your body chemistry and if you stop or screw up it becomes day 1 again so be perfect in this try....and give it time. Be committed to do this and I bet there is better for you. He also had me detox to only WAS a detox. hard transition but also so worth it. First time I could stretch my muscles out. B I G ! .

    Good luck....Nancy B

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