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    What "they say"
    booch007 posted:
    Just was replying to someone and I thought of a saying we hear all the time.


    Well we have to see alot of strange doctors (that have strange things to say to us...) before we meet the right one that GET'S IT!

    One of the doc's I met told me I had lost weight (always dieting ) in my elbow area and uncovered the nerve there and that is why I had finger numbness to the ring finger and pinky.......
    (Oh and Mrs can lose more weight too) !!!!!
    Cried in that parking lot. Wrong doc.....

    Answer to that problem was my neurologist I found and it was trigger points in the anterior arm pit that was squeezing the nerves to those fingers......OMG relief. I thought I would lose my fingers in time from paralysis....geez...

    So I write this to say....we all have needed to see quite a few docs before the right one came along. Don't get complacient and sit back and take it. Keep fighting and move forward to be treated right, diagnosed right and cared for within the guidlines of standard care for FM/CMP.

    You so are deserving of it. If you have to go to the next town....3 towns are worth it. I would have gone to the Cleveland clininc and got my diagnosis and then returned home for the follow up (as no doc would challenge the big big centers...Mayo clinic, Duke, Cleveland....etc) Push forward and be sure you are going to find the right one soon.

    Many tears are shed during this path for most of us. This is when the support group helps. We hold you up....push your back and get you in that next door. We validate you...we let you know we all feel the same way and fight the same battle eachday.

    A goundhog day matter how good you are for the day, after you sleep you start all over with symptoms and need for stretching and meds and hydration....

    OK, just needed to share this.

    Nancy B
    dollbug responded:
    Hello Nana B....I am feeling a bit better....I rested some then ate some yogurt and I think I can now move on with the rest of my day. This is NOT exactly as I had planned though. My DH was singing this morning and I wanted to go and hear him. That is NOT going to happen though. As we all know we, FMers, never know from one hour to the next how we are going to feel. Waking up at 4 am this morning certainly did not help my feelings one bit. It is what it is though regardless.

    I wanted to comment though on your post. In todays world with so much knowledge and technology I think it is quite sad that we FMers must seek out doctors who understand us. I do know that there is more awareness of FM and more doctors who are finally beginning to accept and understand FM somewhat....but for goodness sake....I still do NOT understand how anyone could think that anyone would want to *feel* like we do. It is so very sad tat it takes many doctors for most and many years BEFORE we find the one which truly can help us and understand us.

    I know that I have gotten sick and tired of having to go to the doctor knowing that they are not going to have a clue what is going on with me. I am so very thankful for what I can now learn about what may or may not help me by doing my own research online. I think that we, FMers, must take a stand and actually help to educate the doctors about what is going on with us. I think we all know that only we know how we feel anyway.

    I am glad that you were able to create those special memories with your GDs....I am sure that even though they are young now, they will indeed remember all of the good times that they had with you. This is what Christmas is all about.

    I was so sad when my GD told us that last Christmas she spent her Christmas in a hotel in AZ. I am sure she had no tree and nothing which was meant to *create any sort of Christmas memory* that a child should have.

    Anyway....I know that this Christmas will indeed be different for her. My son will not get her until after Christmas but she will have a week to spend time with this is a good thing.

    I hope everyone will indeed have a good day.


    mnjeepguy responded:
    How true. It reminds me of my first rheumatologist. After evaluating me he said I didn't need to waste his time coming back to see him. There was nothing wrong with me. The second, a female rheumatologist was far more concerned, did a full work up on me and although gave no sure diagnosis, she gave me tools to keep from causing more joint damage and suggested the total body scan. I have not done that, but obviously a much better doctor for me than the first.

    Thank you for posting this!
    monamia responded:
    Good post, good reminder.
    meg_k responded:
    Sooooo true! Thanks for posting. I was just today resolving today to go back to a different neurologist. I am not happy with the answer of "I cannot explain the buzzing/numb/pins and needles feeling in your feet. It may or may not be fibro." (Dr then shrugs). I do not consider this, in retrospect, an acceptable response. How about a little testing to rule out some possible causes? Your post was very validating, Nancy!!


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