Fluttering feeling in my head
mrzrascon posted:
I have been having this fluttering feeling in my head it is driving me crazy I don't like the feeling cause it makes me feel like something is wrong with my fibromyalgia it's at it's high my hands up to my elbow go numb I can't even hold things in my hands it hurts and then the migraines
missist responded:
well.. first-- wear some good wrist guards at night when you sleep & if you need to use hands.Helps really!

2. check your pillow--are you getting good neck support but not too high?

3. Tell your dr and keep track if there are other symptoms--cuz sometimes it isn't fibro.

Happy New Year and I hope it improves for you!
missist replied to missist's response:
Oh also--find some youtube vidoes with hand and neck exercises--stretches/yoga type things.
mypityparty responded:
I have had this same fluttering feeling every once in a while that you have described. I know exactly what it is. I have this feeling when I haven't taken my medicine on a regular schedule. Or this has happened when the dosages has been reduced or I have been taken off of the medicine. I think if you keep a strict schedule of taking your meds. With the the same dosage this will go away quickly. Best wishes on feeling better to you and everyone else reading this God Bless