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Reaction to Lyrica?
brie025 posted:
Hi all...I started taking my Lyrica for the first time last night...I woke up with very light red spots under the skin on my legs, arms, and belly. It isn't itchy or bothering me, its just there. Is this a reaction to it or normal? Thank you for the advice
dollbug responded:
Hello brie....MiMi in might want to google lyrica and read what they say about *side effects* might also list them on the paperwork that came with your medicine.

If you just started the medicine and did NOT have the red spots, then it is quite possible that the medicine caused it. They might clear up though in a day or two. If not, then you probably need to contact your doctor's office and let them know.....I am sure he will decide what you need to do.

Take care and good luck. I hope the Lyrica will be a good match for you. I am sure time will tell.


booch007 responded:

Wondering how the spots are? Did you stop the med?
I noticed to the right in Related Drug Reveiws, a Lyrica post that has over 1000 comments on this med. maybe look there.

I am thinking you called you MD and he stopped the med.

Good luck, let us know what happened with this.

Nancy B
brie025 replied to booch007's response:
I did call my doctor... she didn't think I could react that fast to it, so I'm still taking it...less red bumps and very light still, but do have to say I feel worse when I'm taking the lyrica then before. Constant muscle pain... extreme fatigue and light headedness. My poor kids miss their fun mommy and all I seem to do lately is sleep. I sure hope this phase too shall pass.
ajnsmom replied to brie025's response:
Hi Brie, If you're taking Lyrica for fibro pain and it's causing muscle pain and fatigue, that does not sound right to me. That's like a lot of drugs nowadays, the side effects are often worse than the illness. You might want to research it online and just weigh the pros and cons to see if and how long you can tolerate the side effects. I pray you find the answer soon.

Linda S. (Jax, FL)

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