Why I'm scarce
missist posted:
I know I don't post as much. I'm thinking my 2nd epilepsy RX is not going to work out. I'm depressed and clumsier than usual, fibro is worse, a lot more than this.. too much to list. One thing too--my eyes are always sensitive and I cannot remember anything short term- so I skim through posts but I have the most trouble with threads that are not all on one topic. If I read the daily good morning thing, by the time I read more than one I can't remember the 1st few.

so I am just popping in and reading the odd post and responding here or there. See the neuro next week, maybe I need to try a 3rd RX not sure I can continue this way. But worried the next one might have something even worse invovolved. on the bright side I don't think I'm having seizures- might have had one the other night, but not sure--I think maybe none since dec 2. That's way better than a couple a week.

well anyhow so explaining myself. My best to you all.
mnjeepguy responded:
Count the blessings and hang in there Mary. I know how bad it stinks finding the right balance of meds when we need them. I hope you find it soon. I have regular bouts of depression as well. Be sure to take your vitamin D and talk to someone if you need to about it. I come here every day and that helps.

dollbug responded:
Hello Mary....sorry that you are not feeling as good as you could. It is indeed a struggle to find the right combination of *tools* which will work right for us. I also have eye issues. When I tried the *gabapentin* it worked on my eyes and they have not been right since. I quit taking it due to this but for whatever reason my eyes did not clear up.

I do hope you will find something that will work better for you. Just keep on keeping on.

We do miss reading your posts but I am sure everyone understands. Know that we are here and hoping things work out for you soon.

Take care and good luck.


meg_k replied to dollbug's response:
Mary, I have always really enjoyed your posts and I'm sorry you haven't been on as much lately. I'm even sorrier you are struggling right now healthwise.

It makes total sense what you are saying. I am with you on the frustration of med changes the seemingly endless search to find your best quality of life. Figuring out how to balance symptom management vs.side effects can be full time job! There may not be any "great" solution, but I hope you will be able to find one that's tolerable to good at the least!

My personal experience with both med changes and depression is that sometimes you don't realize how bad you were really feeling until you are able to make a med change that works better for you, and suddenly the world opens up a bit again.

Wishing you the best in your journey.

Soft hugs,
bette_kaffitz responded:

Fewer seizures is great news!

You're right about how much fun it is to change meds. Just when you think things are going all right there is a major setback. Hang in there and let your neurologist work her magic. She seems to be a good mix of caring for you and knowing about your illness(es).

Did you notice that the old thread of our biggest pet peeve has been resurrected? I'm sure that the adjustment period for new meds is yours right at this moment. If you were in the middle of a painful flare, it would be the lack of any real pain relief. If you hadn't been sleeping in the past month, it would be fatigue. We all have so many different problems with our illness, and their severities come and go from day to day (or minute to minute some days).

Try to have a good weekend and just do your best. Every day is one day closer to having those meds fine tuned.

missist replied to bette_kaffitz's response:
you guys are great.