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Saturday ****1/18/2014****
dollbug posted:
Morning FMily...MiMi in NC and it is a cold winter day this morning and is supposed to be colder for the next few days...I am so ready for springtime. I actually wish we could just *skip* wintertime and go directly to springtime. Wind chill is 15*.

I had a good time keeping my new GS yesterday. He is now smiling and laughing. He had his doctor's appointment yesterday and he does not go back until he is a year old. He does have a kidney issue but it is not anything that needs a lot of attention now. The doctor did change his medicine and he will be on this until he goes back. The doctor thinks that he just might outgrow the issue. He weighed over 11 lbs. He is filling out now. It is amazing just how much babies change in the first year of life.

I hope each of you had a good night's rest and I hope today will be a good day for us all...with little to no pain.

DH is still trying to get over the cold he picked up. He is still coughing and hacking some. I do not know exactly how I managed not to get it but I sure hope that I don't. Sometimes it seems like we just pass things back and forth...which is not a good thing at all. It is kind of hard NOT to get something when the person who has it is in the same household.

Welcome to the new members who have joined our support group. I am sure that each of you will soon find something that will help you cope better. Hang out here with us and be sure and check out the info here under *tips* and *resources* and be sure and read the *member toolbox* as well. New members should also ask questions and make comments.....let us know what you have found that has helped you face the wrath of the dragon, aka FM.

Vitamin D. Be sure and ask your doctor to check this. Research is still on going about Vitamin D and just how important this is. Low Vitamin D can cause additional pain and it can also affect other illnesses as well. It is also a cheap fix as well....just pennies a day. The thing is that there are still questions about just how much Vitamin D it takes to increase your level and keep it there. It seems like a lot of us FMers have issues with this. I know that I did a lot of research on this when I first learned that mine was so very low. For a long time I took a multi vitamin with 4000 iu of Vitamin D. It was a walmart brand for women over 50. Well, it was discontinued. Still do not quite understand why. There were various kinds of the same to choose from and walmart no longer sells them. So I now take a separate Vitamin D. My last test was still in the 40's.

Have a good day and remember to pace, pace and pace even more. Stay warm.


mnjeepguy responded:
Good morning everyone. I don't get to be here early very often. It it's a nice change of pace when the weekend arrives and I can relax in the am. I seems as though my 5 work days will never end. It is about to get very cold here again, not quite as cold as the last batch, but we will see -18 in just a few days. I know it will pass before long. By mid February we see snow beginning to melt and the first signs of spring.

I have to work on the bathroom project today. My weekdays don't really allow time or energy for that. I am trying to pace the job without taking months to do it. It's a delicate balance. I have to support the floor better for the load of the tub and go up from there.

Sometimes I feel stuck in a corner with my issues. I get to a point where I am just barely able to do what I have to every day. It frightens me. It may be dumb luck, but last night my wrist was not screaming as it usually does in the evening. It was the first time in a long while. I think it is the new med starting to help. I hope this is a sign of more control over my pain in the future, the hardest part to deal with for me. I do not expect to be pain free, I just want to be able to function and do what I must to support my family.

So here is hoping that you all have the best day you can. Take care everyone.

crazytaurenswife responded:
Hello again,

I'm sorry I disappeared again. I ended up catching this flu crud that's making its rounds. I barely made it through work Wednesday and since then have spent all day on the couch or recliner. DH and DS13 have been very helpful, and DS16 has been a bit more open than usual (he's the typical irritable teen). DS13 made cookie dough yesterday and hasn't gotten around to baking any yet, so I may try to get a dozen or so made today. DH doesn't think I'm contagious anymore, but my temp is about 2* higher than my norm. I'm not sure if I'm starting my 'after illness' flare early or it's just me being sick, so I've been avoided taking pain meds.

MiMi - How old is your grandson? A friend of mine has a baby boy (her first) who is probably close to the same age. I hope your GS is able to outgrow his medical issue and the new meds work well

Cory - I am amazed at how much we end up doing while dealing with this. I'm glad your new med seems to be working. Hopefully, this will work well enough to give you a bit more energy to work on your projects. It sounds like you know what you're doing with your bathroom

I think I'm going to try to play WoW a bit. It can do an excellent job of distracting me from how I'm feeling

~air hugs~
dollbug replied to crazytaurenswife's response:
Hello Jessi. My newest GS was born on 11/30. He is my 4th GC and my 3rd GS. My others are 9 (GD) 7 and 4 (GSs)
The newest one's brother is 4. They are all really sweet children. They are the apples of my eyes. I love them dearly. I will be keeping the GS next week part time as my DIL will return to her job as a pre school teacher. My younger son (his dad) is a fire fighter so he will be able to help me some also. I also took care of his brother when he was born as well. We have a good time. He is a very smart little boy.

I hope that you recover soon from the flu crud. It is not good when we have other health issues to deal with.

Take care.


crazytaurenswife replied to dollbug's response:
Hi MiMi,

My friend's son turned 3 months old this week. He's adorable! We've been talking about her bringing her husband and baby boy to come visit next year. We've kept in touch online but haven't seen each other since DS16 was in preschool and DS13 was an infant. It will be quite the reunion

My goodness your GCs have grown! I remember you talking about one of your GSs when he was a toddler. I'm guessing he must be GS4. It's wonderful you live close enough to them to see them. My kids miss out on that, but it's a healthier environment up here (not to mention the whole immigration process since DH is from Canada).

Thank you very much I am really hoping I can go to work Monday. I have to take off work for an exam next month and a medical appointment for DS13 this month.

~air hugs~
booch007 responded:
Comin in on Saturday for Sunday.....

I have to start right away talking of GC and their innoculations! HOLY CRAP.

NO WONDER parents are up in arms and don't want to get them.

Emily is 4 months old and on Thursday she recieved in one sitting. DPT ( Diptheria, pertussis and Tetnus) which is all our kids got at this time but then she got PREVNAR #2 for pneumonia (23 viruses in it ) not live but still the immune trigger of these both is alot to ask of a 4 month old immune system......and then they also gave her a rotovirus shot in the same prevnar leg.

Now when I give ADULTS prevnar there is a whole side effect response to be aware of....and a teaching form for them. My DIL got nothing. They did alter the leg for the DPT and prevnar so if there is a bad reaction they'd know which was the culprit.

But all I could think was HOLY CRAP you hit the system with 5 illnesses to raise immunity at ONE TIME........

Now I can see the fear of autism and dysfunction for the children, I too am upset that so much is asked of their bodies at one time.

This should be broken every 2 weeks.......I know that would congest the office visits but I am thinking of the babies. I am so upset. I saw her yesterday and she was miserable.......we gave her tylenol and I just said for sure she has a headache and hurts ALL over. They can't tell you........GEEZ.

I had no idea that this has changed so much. I would gladly innoculate her in a spaced effort. They are very important as pneumonia would kill her and DPT is also a big need, just not all at once. I know these are not live vasccines but it still overwhelms the system..........

Probably hit a buch of monkeys all at once and saw the titers of response and said OK go issues. No one asked the monkey how it feels.....

I hurt just thinking about it.

OK, coming off after venting this. O U C H.

Knee is still a mess and keeping from sleeping well ( I was doing so well) And I had 2 bottles of decaf Diet coke and pain is higher today....Back to water!! No aspartame for me.

booch007 responded:
PS: Linda sorry you had a flulike problem...It is no fun to be sick! right.....I hope youp ull through and do better soon. The flu season is in full storm here in NY and a few have died....those without inoculation and young children too.....

Cory: I love to hear when a symptom goes is almost like, what am I imagining this??, do I feel better???

We get so used to feeling creepy and then a break to it all. Glad you had a moment of peace. I hope you keep it for a bit (though fixing the bathroom over sounds like trouble ahead anyway)

Good weekend to you. I have a project waiting for alomost a year here. I need to paint the DS#1's old room....I have bare dry wall looking at me. No one is ever in there but it isn't right. I just can't get into the "project mode" with that.
It needs a light sanding and then base before paint...YUCK.

Good luck and keep you positive outlook....Nancy B
mnjeepguy replied to booch007's response:
Thanks for the thoughts. my wrist is still doing better. It is kind of crazy, it has been my biggest pain in the butt since April. It limits me a lot. I am in disbelief yet, I do hope it keeps away.

I dislike the sanding part of remodels. Fortunately for me my DW is amazing at the mud and tape. I just have to sand and then she paints it as well. When done it is very close to perfect.

I am pacing myself as best I can with the project. It will be a problem at some point but I will do what I can.

Staying positive is the hardest thing for me to do some days. We all need the reminder. When we feel like garbage, garbage comes out sometimes.

bette_kaffitz responded:

If you haven't done this yet, MAKE SURE YOUR BATHROOM IS LEVEL, PLUMB, AND SQUARE. You have no idea how much time this will save you. This is especially true if you are dealing with tile. Old houses tend to settle. They get themselves all off-kilter. Bathrooms and kitchens have heavy items on their floors. The floors sag. All of this is a major nightmare when you try to work in the room. Every single cut you make will be on a bit of an angle. (It is especially obvious when you work in tile and have all those parallel lines that are just a little off.)


If you haven't been using it yet, please start up with some zinc. This will help prevent a cold--or at least lessen its severity. (I like Zicam and wish they still had the kind you use inside the nose. Some idiots didn't read the directions, applied the stuff way back in the nose, and lost their sense of smell. No more nasal application.


I think that it is the insurance companies that decided to give all those shots at once. They will either pay the doctor for the immunization OR the office visit. More shots equal more reimbursements. But you are right about how miserable the poor little things must feel. Then we wonder why they hate to go to the doctor's offfice. I remember when my boys were little how cranky and unsettled they were after their shots. It must be much worse with so many more innoculations to cover. I wish that the little ones could just have a monthly visit to the doctor. Sometimes they'd need an immunization. Sometimes they wouldn't. But they'd be checked out more for developmental problems. The mothers (or fathers) would ask more questions. The doctor (and the nurse with the dreaded syringe) would be more familiar to parent and child alike. A much better way of doing things. But what do I know?

missist replied to bette_kaffitz's response:
Cory.. What is the new med? maybe you said earlier,but I tend to miss alot and even if I don't I forget. LOL>.

Bette has good advice up just before this post re; bathroom.

I'm trying to zero in on getting more done. Hubby said we can take the tree down when he comes home --so its still keeping me company for a couple more weeks.

I am currently cleaning & rearranging the kitchen. Kind of pooped now so stopping-- gotta get stuff picked up after a little nap. Grandkids come at 7 am tomorrow; so can't have stuff out that might attract busy fingers.

Enjoy the weekend folks!
mnjeepguy replied to missist's response:
Mary, I started Plaquenil about 10 days ago.

Bette, great advice my house is about as old as they get, built in 1888. Nothing is square or level that I have had to work on, but it is when I am done. Not being my profession, it does take me a lot more time. in a 6' span it is over an inch out of level, but I had to rip all three layers off of the floor and start over. It's not pretty, but it will be.

missist replied to mnjeepguy's response:
Cory-- did you get that for fibro or did you get a new diagnosis?
Just wondering if it is something I could try but hadn't heard of it for fibro or carpal tunnel.
thanks, Mary

Nancy-- that is crazy all those vaccines at one time for a 4 mo. old. good heavens.

haven't read through all this day.. I'm still struggly with the longer threads about different topics-- so much to remember. Anyhow--

Linda--hope you are feeling better.


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