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medication not as effective
renafinney posted:
Hello all,
I appreciate all the inforrmatin that is shared here. I was diagnosed with Fibro three years ago. After trying several medication the doctor prescribed Lyrica which helped tremendously; however, I have been on it for the three year period and it just doesn't work as well as it did in the beginning. Has anyone had this type problem with Lyrica or any other medication they have been on for a period of time? Thanks!
missist responded:
Hi I think that is normal with RX meds. Although sometimes it goes the other way--depends a lot on your fibro I think--and other things that may overlap.

I take an nsaid.. lower dose than I used to take--thanking my hot tub mainly for that--and my fear of too many different drugs. It is back where I started, for a while it was 2x as strong as I take now. I'm not feeling that much pain thankfully-- seems like it was worse when I was younger.

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