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    Tuesday - 1/28/2014 ****Winter Weather Watch
    dollbug posted:
    Morning FMily. MiMi in NC where all eyes are on the weather again. It seems like there is a snow storm headed south. They say that parts of Florida and Alabama and Georgia will be getting some of the white stuff. OMG. Such strange and weird weather. I am not sure anyone really knows what to do. Some schools in the area are closing early, just in case and others are not. I do not exactly understand why. I am sure though that someone must have some sort of reason for doing so.

    Here is hoping each of you had a good night's rest and I hope today will indeed be a good day for us all, with little to no pain. I know that the cold weather has made a difference in the way I feel. I am so ready for spring.

    Welcome to the new members who have joined our support group as I am sure that each of you will find some good *tools* here that perhaps you have not thought of using. Stopain Spray is one. It is good stuff. Sometimes we have places that just will not ease up no matter what we do. Stopain just might do this. Heating pad is a good friend for many of us. Use as needed and you just might be quite surprised to know how good it can feel. I know that my body must use warm things. Cold does NOT get it for me.

    Drinking plenty of water is something that I do as well. Eating right and doing gentle exercises or stretches every day also help. (gentle being the word here).

    I am one of the FMers here who has learned how to control my FM pain by taking vitamins and supplements and doing other things as well. It took me a long time to figure out just what the body needed. But I did and now as long as I remember to take them every day I keep my pain level low. I think the Fibro Response and Magnesium Malate and P5P are the ones which are most important, along with the Vitamin D.

    Vitamin D. Ask your doctor to check this if you have not already done so. Low Vitamin D can cause some people to have additional pain and it can also affect other illnesses as well. This is just a simple blood test BUT you must ASK the doctor to run it.

    Well, this is just a few *tools and tips* for any new members who might read this. There are plenty of other *tools* as well. Check out the info under *tips* and *resources* and be sure and read the *member toolbox*.

    Remember to pace, pace and pace even more. (this is something that takes time to do, but it is indeed one of the most important things as well) Your body will thank you.

    That's all folks. Stay safe and stay warm. Spring is just around the corner.


    katmandulou responded:
    Hi, I hope you're all having a good day!

    Still cold here, 20 right now and going down to 40 tonight with "snow showers late and accumulation under 1 inch". That could mean so much around here, but I'm glad I won't have to go out in the morning.

    Great tips, as always MiMi. But what works for one of us won't necessarily work for another. you have to find what makes your body happiest, and be consistent. It's darned cold here, and a sweater is always waiting for me!!

    I wish you the best day you can possibly have!
    missist replied to katmandulou's response:
    Good Evening all..Starting to snow here in SC. I don't know yet if I will be babysitting tomorrow-depends on what is closed in the morning. We close up shop here over an inch or two--people just can't really prepare for it much where it is not supposed to be. I was at the grocery today getting a few things I need in case we can't go places after today. The stores were packed. I was also hoping to get an RX I need but insurance company needed an authorization so it didn't get done on time. I hope I'll be able to get it by Friday.

    I was shocked to find out that the new RX is $700 a month--which was the issue-- my insurance co. wasn't keen on paying for that. I'm not either. I have already been taking a starter pack the dr gave me--and worked up the dose--so I'm really bothered I didn't know this before I got started. I'm also bugged as the more I find out about seizure meds the more I do not want to take them. I guess I should count myself luck as most of the folks I've met with seizure issues have them much worse than I do. Mine were pretty mild although frequent so really the idea I think was to keep them from getting worse or damaging my brain. As they do leave scars according to what I've read.

    Well not much else going on, still kind of battling depression I make a list of 'to dos' to keep myself from being too immobile.

    hot tub has been over heating. Turns out I didn't know how high I was supposed to add water and didn't have the level high enough. Hubby texted me from germany so I fixed it I hope. Will find out in the morning.

    So not much else to say. Hope you are all well and warm.
    bette_kaffitz responded:
    Hi All,

    Brrr. Our high temp today was 7 with a low of -7 and a wind chill of -32. It couldn't have happened at a worse time. Here in NY this is Regents Exams week. Many school districts closed BUT asked staff and Regents students to attend. What a joke. No buses equals no kids in school. The kids will just have to wait and take the exams in June--with 5 months of forgetting and all their normal exams to study for at the same time.

    Tomorrow is the only day this week when we don't have any medical appts. Thursday is the trial RF Ablation on my left side. I can't wait to get this done and schedule the real RFA for the left L-2 through the L SI joint. It is weird how it feels to be standing for 2 minutes and having just the left side start to hurt. Hopefully, by this time next month neither side will hurt.

    I just learned the other day that my pain doc has been begging the hospital for 3 years to get the equipment to do the ablations. We're back to the money angle again. I just bet that the hospital didn't want to lose all those nerve block patients who come back several times a year. We're a big part of the O P Surgery dept. at the hospital. In the meantime, the doc is killing himself with 3 and 4 days a week of nerve blocks. And, of course, we are still in pain. The RFA is much better (at least for me) at taming my low back pain. It will last until the nerves grow back, and no one knows how long that will be. As usual, we are all different.

    I sincerely hope that all of you find the right mix of treatments that can calm your pain down to a level 2 or 3 most of the time. That would be a major help. Most of us can sleep through level 3 pain. It does not interfere with our daily tasks of job, family, or fun .

    If you have a lot of low back pain that has been with you for a while, but you are not a candidate for spinal fusion, look into the radio frequency ablation. Burn off the nerves that are only causing you pain.

    mnjeepguy responded:
    Good evening everyone. It is warmer here than it was. I woke to -18 with ridiculous wind chills in the -50's. 20 miles north it was -33! By afternoon it was about 2 above. I am thankful for the big warm lake. The worst has passed here I hope. We should not see that kind of cold in Feb. but who knows this year. Tonight is supposed to be -12, then teens tomorrow and not even below zero tomorrow night. Our normal temps right now should be 20.

    I have not heard back from PT. I thought they would call me today. Hopefully tomorrow. I want to get things going and I do hate waiting. I have patients for all but that.

    Work was uneventful and I am doing ok. I had some stressful talks with the DW, but all is well here.

    Mary, I had a similar thing with Savella. Dr's have turned into salesmen for the drug companies. I could not afford it either and had to try old meds in the same class. I will no longer accept free samples of name brand meds. I hope you can find a balance soon.

    Bette, I like the sounds of the RFA treatment. Mine is not very good but I doubt bad enough to justify such a treatment at this point. It is refreshing to know there are alternatives to going under the knife.

    To all, stay warm and safe. Stay off the roads if your area is not used to the frozen stuff, and if you have to go out, be prepared. Dress as though you have to walk in it.

    Take care everyone,


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