Sorry I have been hermitizing...
dakotaspirit1957 posted:
Things have been so bad I don't even come here to read... From not sleeping day and night to Migraines almost every day I can't even think straight... I had to take a break from babysitting my grandchildren for I couldn't deal with life... I don't even call my boys... had one call me up last night to bitch me out... I unfortunately couldn't talk for my migraine paralyzed my face... With all this my FM has gone crazy...

My pc won't do anything but tramadol and even though it helps take some off my FM it does nothing for my other physical pain... And no pain management in town gives you meds just shots... They don't last till the next shot... I miss my dr's back in AZ but I am going to a neurologist Friday maybe he will help with at least the migraines...

I had a couple of bad experiences with new dr's... But hope this is a good one... I am also going to ask for a second opinion o my Parkinson's... Now that I was off all my meds they can't blame it on them... And maybe it is time to be treated... If it is't nervous motion...

My puppies are ready for a new home... And I can't choose one to keep... I want them all but can only have 1... They are just adorable... Two bigger sized chihuahuas and two small... All love to play and cuddle... They are 8 weeks today... I am taking them in for shots next week... They are eating food and drinking and tomorrow I buy collars and leashes to start training them outside... I named them all... The girls are Dakota and Spirit... The boys are Yoda and Grizzley... Yoda was so blond headed when he was born he looked bald... Looked like yoda on star wars lol... He looks like a lab puppy tho... He is huge... lol... But they are purebred... lol... I think he was the one always pushing the others away and steeling tits lol...They are all such a joy to have around I hate to see them leave... But Irene and Johnny said I could only keep one... They have 6 that isn't fair... They wanted Yoda and Dakota but then 2 of theirs got pregnant... lol... One had the cutest black one on Christmas Eve... She almost had to have a c-section again but I successfully pulled him... He looks like my first one... But they won't give him to me... lol... They are too attached now... lol... They have been my life saver thru all this... They are so cuddly and loving... They like to lick my tears away...

I like being here with my daughter... But even she couldn't stop my hermatizing... She worried a lot about me... But I spent a little time with her tonight... I think she feels a bit better... She couldn't even get me to come over for coffee...

I guess I will close for now... It is almost midnight and I should try to sleep...
Although I am doubting my ability... Plus I have to check my son's facebook to see the 12 inches of snow they got in VA Beach... He called and begged me to check out the pictures...

You all take care... Wishing you a wonderful year.. A bit late,,,

Love... Jan/Dakota
dollbug responded:
Hello good to see your post. I wondered if you were sick or was just busy. Sorry that you are having to deal with so much. I sure hope you are able to find a good doctor which will suit your needs. Good doctors are sometimes very hard to find. Keep looking though and I am sure you will find one.

Puppies are a lot of work. I know they are so sweet when they are little but they are still a lot of work. I know when I got my 2nd one I wondered what on earth was I thinking. They do make good company though. I hope you can find good homes for the others.

I hope you will feel better soon and will be able to return to post more.

Take care.


missist replied to dollbug's response:
Hi Jan! So nice to hear from you. I hope that neuro is good help to you. So glad you have had the puppies, it is work but its also a bit of 'anti-depressant' with legs. I get exhausted caring for my grandkids a few times a week--but it does wonders for my spirit. I know the pups are doing that for you.

It is hard to be in pain and I kind of tend to hibernate in winter too-- have to force myself out of the house some times. even the grocery store is 'out'. new life though--that is a cheer up in so many ways! God bless, praying your neuro is useful!
missist replied to missist's response:
jan.. just wanted to quick add this verse I read the other day. I have been heavy duty depressed due to some meds I'm taking for seizures and this verse was helpful to remind me that God is thinking about me and helping me by giving me the little grandkids to care for while their daddy is at work.

Ecclesiastes 5:20
For he will not dwell unduly on the days of his life, because God keeps him busy with the joy of his heart.

Those two truly are the joy of my heart and I"m sure your puppy adventure is something similar.
fibroinsd responded:
so sorry things have not been good..but it is good to see you back on here..hang in there kiddo...

Let's put the fun back in dysfunctional !- Mary Englebright