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does the weather affect fibromyalgia?
yesiam1 posted:
I've found that two or three days before it rains I have a flare up in the amount of pain I have. I'm like a living barometer. When it's cold and wet such as in early spring or winter the pain in my body is intensified. Does anyone else find themselves reacting to the weather conditions?
julieb8888 responded:
yes, I also have an increase in pain before and during a rain.
I use a heating blanket and heating pad continuously. unfortunately I have not developed a good regimen to alleviate my pain.
hope you feel better soon
bette_kaffitz responded:
Yes. Yes. Yes.

Damp weather--no matter the season--always gets me. I know about the polls that say we are no worse off with damp weather, but I don't believe them.

Humid weather in the summer gets me too. Living in the northeast, we only have a room air conditioner. It is almost useless for removing moisture from the air in our old farmhouse.

My friends with arthritis moan and groan all winter about the bitter cold. I feel it too, but I love it when the cold air is dry. My fibro is much better.

franr responded:
The winter is the worse time of the year for my fibromyalgia symptoms. The aches and pains increase. And when we are having a snowstorm or a northeaster rain storm I go into a mini flare.April cannot come too soon for me. ...Fran R
annamarrs responded:
This was my first winter being diagnosed so I noticed it more this year. In past years I probably just thought I had a flu. This year I knew what it was. I was in horrible pain. I was also not yet being treated. I know exactly what you mean. We started getting rain on Sunday. Last Monday I started getting pains in my hands and wrists expecting rain as early as last week.

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