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hemp oil
nomoretears posted:
OMG, after trying every med that is for pain, seizures and depression to help my intractable pain from an accident, I find hemp oil amazing. No THC, only the oil, miracle. Use cold pressed. This is the best stuff ever!!!!! I am on my way pain free in a few days, my pain is 70% better after a few days. No med has done this. Love it. search the net and you will find it in front of your eyes. Who knew mother nature was so kind. No meds are going to be in my future. Love this stuff. amazing.
annamarrs responded:
Are you using the one that you consume or as a topical? I am trying to find options to add to my medications. My goal is eventually to not have meds. But I know it will be years down the road. I am totally open to trying this oil though. Thanks for the Info!
stevea1 responded:
How are you using this and in what dosage?
mariajohnson responded:
Thnx for sharing this. The hemp oil seems to work really well. I too should give it a try.

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