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colon cleanse and diet
zippdee7 posted:
is there a safe diet or colon cleanse available to jump start a diet?
zippdee7 replied to dietfitnessguru's response:
thanks. i'll check it out.
monamia responded:
In my opinion, cleanses serve little purpose and certainly shouldn't be used for dieting purposes. The only way to lose weight is making better eating choices and exercise (yes, even if you have Fibromyalgia). Really.

(And understand that the person who responded with a link is selling something. I've reported it and hopefully it will be gone soon.)
booch007 replied to monamia's response:
I am not on the colon cleanse bandwagon either. But there are alot that think the toxins you get rid of is good for your health. My Physiatrist wanted me to do some "red pepper thing" That was when I left him. he knew I was dealing with reflux....and I don't eat spicy let alone drink it.

Jump starting a diet is to increase protien higher than vegatables and that decreases your insulin output and slows hunger thoughts. Do not do a total protient diet like atkins though, as it dehydrates the muscles and we are in trouble at this level.

I am doing Medifast, an expensive diet but for me the easiest. How about buying the zone diet or charbohydrate addicts diet. It is not alot of money out and it will guide you.

Remember we require alot of water when dieting to cleanse out the impurities in the fat cells we have stored for a while. I also often have an increase of pain in my body during this, as I dance more for the exercise and the chemistry chnaging going on with the loss of weight I feel irritates my muscles.

I asked Dr P a long time ago as I was hurting and he said 1/3 get better, 1/3 get worse and 1/3 stay the same. Hmm

Healthier is where I will end up, not planning on losing the dragon that bites me each morning. My body is so out of wack. But decreasing the Diabetes risk, lowering my hypertension...this is my goal. Better in other ways.

I am down 15lbs in 3 weeks and that is perfect. about 5lbs a week is what I am loking for. By my 60th birthday I will be down around 50lbs. (If I choose to go that low).

Good luck with the choice you make.

Nancy B

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