Tuesday ****2/4/2014 ****too early for the birds*
dollbug posted:
Early Tuesday morning to each of you. MiMi in NC and I have now been up an hour. Don't know why but I am assuming I am again *stressed*. I have no business being up this time of morning. Who in their right mind wakes up at 2 - 4 am? Honestly, I sometimes think my mind and my body do not belong together. I have been worried somewhat about some issues which are going on with my DD. Not that I can do anything about any of it. So perhaps, in the back of my mind, somewhere deep, I am thinking about this and not realizing just how much. To be honest with you I have no idea.

I also woke up around the same time yesterday. It makes a terrible long day I do know this much.

I kept my GS for a while. He is the *apple of my eye*. He can smile to me and he knows his MiMi is there to rock and sing to him. So very sweet. I had to completely change him yesterday and when I took his clothes off, he just laughed. I later was telling my son about this and he said he probably thought I was getting ready to give him a bath. He loves to bathe. Funny. You never know what little ones are thinking. He is so cute. He smiles a lot at me and he likes to be rocked. He is quite different from his Big Brother. He is not as *content* as BB was when he was little. It is funny just how different siblings can be.

Here is hoping each of you are enjoying your sleep this early morning. I also hope that we all have a good day with little to no pain as well.

Welcome to the new members who have joined our support group. I am sure that each of you will soon find the *just right combination of tools which will allow you to cope better*. It does take time and effort to do this.

Learning also how to pace, pace and pace even more is a good thing that I have found helps so very much. Once the wrath of the dragon attacks our bodies, then we have to find ways to face each and every day. This is a learned process also. It does take time and effort to understand just how much a person can do before resting. We FMers tend to get along better if we take our time in doing whatever we have to accomplish. Yes, our body likes *slow but steady*. Each of us have a very *fine line* that when we cross, well, it is not an easy time then, for a while. So we have to know when to slow down and stop for a while so that our body can catch up.

For whatever reason I was very sore yesterday. Now I do not remember lifting anything or doing anything which might have caused this. Every week-end though I am busier than I am through the week. I try to make sure though that I give myself time to pace.

I did find the source one vitamins again at walmart that I took some time ago. They were not the exact same kind but I found some which had the extra D in them. So I picked up a bottle of these. Before I was taking the plus 50 for women. It seems like I can find things that I like and then they vanish, not to be found when I need them. I guess I will now see just how long these are stocked.

Vitamin D. For those of you who have not gotten your Vitamin D level....remember to do so next time you see your doctor. Low Vitamin D can cause additional pain for some people and it can also affect other illnesses as well.

Well, that's my story today.

I hope it gets better as the day moves on. I need a nap now.
I am headed back to see if this happens.

Another *cold front* is headed our way (again). I am waiting for springtime. I was hoping it would be headed early but nope....they say 6 more weeks of winter time. Spring will still be here soon though.

Enjoy your day as well.


rowan73 responded:
Good Morning MIMI! And to al in the FM WORLD(I'm a newbie so I'm not sure when I am inducted as family,lol). I was up at the same time. Weather sensitives? Guess that would go along with the joints. OH, SPRING! Where art thou?! Grr. Back Dragon, Back!

Try for a good day, hope for sun. And soft hugs to all.
Smile you're never alone, and laughter is the best medicine. As Bobby McFerrin said Don't worry, be happy...an anthem for me...remember stress makes it worse ;)
katmandulou responded:
Good Tuesday to You!
Cold and snowy here in southeast Mass. We got an inch or two yesterday, the roads were really slippery, so I never went out. Another storm is rolling in tomorrow morning, and we live on the ' Snow to mix - 3-6" ' and the ' Mostly Snow - 6-10" ' line. If I don't get out today, I'll really be stuck here. Maybe I'll pick up something extravagant for dinner, like today's bread"026 I'm not afraid of snow, in fact, I like driving in it, but the others on the roads terrify me!
There's strife in the FMily. Another post has become an argument about one person being hurt by another's post. I hope we can all calm down, and get along. This reflects my own "blood" family, where a nephew insulted a niece during Dad's services, and she told her father a month later. The PD and court was involved, an order of no contact was in place, and since we couldn't all be together it ruined Christmas. Dad would have been so proud. NOT!
I'm sore today too; could it be the weather or was it the 1 mile walk Sunday morning? DH thought it would be good to walk to a local diner for breakfast, and it was, til yesterday morning when so much hurt. I try to focus on the wonderful pancakes I had, and have been taking an occasional Tramadol to take the edge off. Tonight is yoga class, and I'm thankful DH won't let me shovel!
Ill be v>brief today, so I can get enough stuff done to go out and play for awhile. I wish you all the best day you can possibly have. Stay warm and dry!!
crazytaurenswife responded:
Good morning

I was up far too early this morning, too. I think I slept from about midnight to sometime before 5. My back and hip are still complaining and I have yet to figure out what I've done that I shouldn't have. I've been alternating heat and ice, so I'm hoping it will sort itself out soon. At least it's cold & dry instead of cold and raining!

Rowan, of course you're part of the family Welcome to the group.

MiMi and Lou, I hope you both feel better soon. Weather can wreak havoc with our symptoms.

I need to go find something for breakfast and then try some stretches and PT exercises. After that, it's homework and work for the rest of the day.

~air hugs~
rudyandirmouse responded:
Good Tuesday Fibro FMily. I hope, as always that you are having a good day. I hope that Mother Nature isn't making your life to unbearable.

It's cold and over cast here. Rain and more rain happening this week. If this keeps up it will hamper my attempt to fly into North Carolina and retrieve my car which has been repaired and waiting for me, to drive it home, there from my 12/ 26 auto accident. DH and I are flying in Friday early. DD is picking up at Raleigh/ Durham and taking us to the repair shop, we're having a 13TH birthday party with #1 GS Saturday and heading home on Sunday. So I have my eye turned to the weather channel and hope that the rain does not turn to snow over the Smokies this weekend. I hate driving in snow and esp. in snow through the mountains. Oh well fingers crossed.

DH is still on hold about going back to Los Angeles for his brother's funeral. The ex wife and children are either dragging their feet on arrangements or are not forthcoming with details already in place. Both ways DH can't make flight arrangements to attend if we have no idea of the when and where. Right now we have been told nothing. Have had phone calls from our family most of Sunday and yesterday asking about what we know.. and we know nothing. Sad and I am sure his brother would have been upset if he'd have know this might happen.

MiMi you always sound so happy when you have had the GC and rightly so. I will be seeing my 3 this weekend and am so excited to have a few days with them. GC are joys to the heart.

Lou, rest assured that there are no hurt feelings on my part from the post. Really. Just taken a back that night to see that a post started out using my name and the passing of my brother in law in an issue, hospice, the somewhat related to the care of my brother in law in the last few hours of his life. I was hurt then that it was used at my time of grief. I would have rather welcomed a post that send prayers our way or offering us peace at this time. But it's yesterday's news.. so done.. so over.
Sorry your sore this a.m. Spring will soon be here and I hope the aches and pains will pass away with spring's warmth which is less than 40 days away now. Yay that.

Rowan, welcome to the FMily. Sorry that you have the fibro DX. Make yourself right at home here. This is a wonderful place to come. Everyone here is caring and supportive when you need it most and some days it's just a blessing to be able to drop by and just ' chat '. I've been coming here for over 3 years and love the wonderful guys and gals here. You will too...

OK DH is needing me to do something on the lap top for him so will close this here..

Wishing each of you a grand day..
Gentle hugs, Linda R
Anon_10089 replied to rudyandirmouse's response:
Linda R:

I haven't yet sent my condolences. I always sign off as anonymous because years ago when I signed up here I used my real last name and decided it might not be the best thing to have it out there. So I am sorry it seems impersonal but I do come here everyday and read yours and the other's posts. I actually post quite often too.

I am sorry for your loss and grief. I understand your feeling of wanting to preserve your memories of the person your BIL was by not attending services. I feel the same. In the last couple years I have been present at the moment my FIL and grandmother died. Thankfully, memory is a powerful thing. I of course remember that intense and difficult moment, but I even more so remember my loved ones at better times. I am thankful that the bad times did not override the good times at all.

I am also sorry that your husband can't make his plans. Those situations can be so difficult. Hopefully, you and other family members can soon be comforted in sharing memories together. Of course, there is no equation for grief and it comes as it comes.

My FM flared very badly after the losses I went through. So I hope you can get some rest and sunshine!

rudyandirmouse replied to Anon_10089's response:
JR thank you for your kind words. They mean so much.
Gentle hugs, Linda R
mnjeepguy responded:
Good evening everyone. It is still cold believe it or not. The days are getting longer though now, a good sign for us all. The cold's grasp will loosen with the sun out longer each day. For a while I thought we were slipping into another ice age.

Today was better than the last so I am thankful for that. I did call the local shelter to see if they had seen our neighborhood cat we have come to love. They have not seen him so I am pretty sure he is gone. If nothing else he was nice to get to know. I have two of our three cats on my chair with me right now, one of whom has never been a cuddler. It's almost like she knows...

I managed to work out on the elliptical today. I only do 20 minutes but it does feel pretty good. There is no jarring and I can even do it when my knees are sore, without pain.

Mimi, I hope you sleep better tonight. You need your rest. If you can find a way to relax before bed give it a try. It seems as though you have way to much on your mind when you are trying to sleep.

Rowan, you are officially a inductee. Welcome! Weather sensitive is an understatement for many here, including myself. I think we can predict it better than the weather channel. Maybe we should go into the business.

Lou, I agree, it isn't so bad to drive in the snow if everyone were careful. Sometimes it feels like everyone forgot.

Linda, I hope they get things figured out quick and let you guys know so you can make arrangements to be there. No one needs added stress at a time of loss.

Stay positive, try to relax when you can, and pace. Take care everyone.

bette_kaffitz responded:
Hello to all of you,

We are battening down the hatches for or first real snow of the year. DH can't believe that he hasn't actually done any plowing yet. He's dropped the bucket on the backhoe and just skimmed the driveway between the house and barn, but we've just not had that much snow--no matter how much has flown to the North, South, East, and West of us.

DS finally replaced the thermostat in our living room. All of a sudden, the house became bearable again. You set it for 70; you get 70. And all for a $25 piece of electronics that was sitting in the cellar all along. But, of course, DH has been insisting since October that "that's not the problem." We'll see.

I'm on tinderhooks waiting for the pain clinic secretary to call with a date for the RF ablation on my left side. I know that I've survived for 42 years with this pain, but now that I know it CAN go away--at least the pain at my waistlevel spine--I want it gone. Now. Today.

But being impatient is one of the worst things to do when you have fibro. You try to get a lot of work done--fast. And that doesn't go so well. You decide you'll rest--later. And that goes even worse. You stay up visiting with friends--long past your body's warning signs. Guess what? That didn't turn out so well, either.

We all have to learn just when to say no. We have to learn what we can and cannot do. It's not easy. It doesn't seem reasonable to only be able to stand for 5 minutes (or 10 or 20 or whatever your limit is), but you have to learn your limits. Then you have to learn to be patient with these limits. It's a hard lesson.

I'm 70. I've been operating the fibro-way for 42 years. So please forgive me if I suddenly want to run, jump, shout, and just do things N O W. I know it will get me into trouble with the rest of my fibro. But, in a way, I feel like it's suddenly going to be spring, and I want to go running through the daffodils.

I'll let you all know how that turns out.

ajnsmom replied to bette_kaffitz's response:
Hi Bette, I know what you mean about pacing ourselves. I've noticed that I feel weak every other day when getting housework done, taking short walks, or whatever. So I walk then plan on just resting the next day. So far it's working for me. I have neuropathy in my hands and feet, so that is what mainly limits me as the drugs I take for fibro usually take away the pain fine. The weakness is my main issue right now, so that is worse the the normal sleepiness caused by my meds. I hope you're feeling better soon!

Linda S. (Jax, FL)
missist replied to ajnsmom's response:
Good Evening all..
Gonna keep short, need to get to bed and I'm overly sore this evening as I know some of you are.

thinking about funerals after reading some of what is above me.

After my mom passed, I was the only out of town/out of state far away sibling and a lot had been put on the others just due to it all being difficult; mom being very difficult and a lot of other stresses in all the various kids lives aside from it. There was a lot of friction and I spiraled into a huge depression as well as my first really bad fibro flare in several years. My siblings and I well, it was not good. I did not talk to most of them much for a long time; for good reason I think.
Its all pretty much healed over now; but it was hard. Emotions are at an overwhelming spot.

Just remembering that. So Linda-- just praying for peace for you and all your family. This was unexpected for you all, and that was how it was for us back then. We knew mom wasn't well, but we didn't really expect her to just die.

Keep on pacing and rest as often as you can--cuz you need to be there for hubby-- as you don't know how this will be for him and his siblings. I hope it will work out all just fine and not too much longer to wait and find out.

God bless!

The rest--Mimi-- the best and most tiring days of my week (today was one) are when the grand kids come. They keep me so busy and so happy. Best medicine there is--but also gosh my feet hurt tonight!

hope all are as warm and cozy and rested as possible. Rowan-- I don't think we have an initiation-- so you're in.
I never jumped any hoops anyhow.

Peace all, and g'nite!