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Diet for Fibro??
annamarrs posted:
After seeing my Doctor yesterday and getting the ball rolling on medication we discussed starting dietary changes. Luckily I am a Dietetic Technician with a degree in nutrition, so making necessary changes in diet isn't an issue. We discussed how a year ago I followed the Paleo diet while working towards losing weight. It was the best I have felt in the last 5 years. I lost 65 pounds and was even able to run a 5k! I of course ended up in bed with throbbing body pain the rest of the day (unaware at the time I had Fibro). But I was so proud of myself. Now being newly diagnosed and having a super supportive NEW doctor and a doctor who is very happy I am part of this community, I wanted to share the diet I am following in the event others wanted to try it out. It is EXTREMELY restrictive. I am planning to start out restrictive and slowly add items back to determine which foods my body is more sensitive to. So for now, I am going to try to follow a No dairy, No flour, No sugar, No alcohol, No caffeine. This is actually more restrictive than Paleo, but the Paleo diet recipes has a lot of recipes that can follow these guidelines. If anyone has any input please share. So far in 2 days I have already lost 3# and have reduced my pain to a reasonable level. Though we shall see what happens tomorrow when we get our next storm...arg....
bette_kaffitz responded:

Many of the members here are on diets like yours. The ones who can stay true to its guidelines swear by it. The rest of us are standing on the outside and trying to dip our toes in.

I could not imagine living without my raisin bran each morning or my cheddar and whole wheat crackers each evening. I guess that says I am one of those who SHOULD do without them.

Please let us know how you do on this new way of eating and living. Mary is on a similar diet. You and she should be able to support each other.

It is a very tough road you are traveling. I wish you good luck in sticking to it--and in getting good results.

meg_k replied to bette_kaffitz's response:

I avoid both sugar and coffee and I do think it helps. Good luck & report back to us how it goes.


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