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Questionable FM/Twilight Comparison
meg_k posted:
This is ridiculous, I know, but bear with me. It's in the vein of how you possibly try to describe to other people what living with FM is like.

For those of you who have read and/or watched the Twilight series, there is a vampire character named Jane who belongs to a group of evildoers called the Volturi. Jane's special evil power is to be able to stare at someone with her beady red eyes, whisper "pain" in their general direction, and make them collapse/writhe from pain without ever touching them. (Seriously - I could not make this stuff up!)

Stay with me...whenever I read or watch Twilight, I'm sorry, but I can't help think of Jane as representing (to me) FM!!!! Metaphorically speaking: they are both things that we may not realize have such power until we encounter them. When we least expect it, something that shouldn't be painful, all of a sudden is excruciating. We get zaps of pain out of nowhere. We are doing fine one minute and the next ... ouch! Pain is suddenly worse or has moved somewhere else or is in multiple locations now!

I also think of Jane's powers as not unlike how FM entered my life and quite literally brought me to my knees. Or, a way of describing to someone what a "10" level of pain day looks like because hopefully they've never seen me that way in real life!

I'm done now. I hope my questionable literary comparison doesn't strike you as too weird. (I was not even an English major -- ha!) Maybe more than anything it demonstrates is how pervasively FM enters your consciousness -- how thinking about symptoms and managing them can take over your attention even when you are supposed to be having fun.

If nothing else, I hope it brings you a smile.

Tee hee,
thedebber responded:
I never watched the show, but yes. Sometimes it's like you feel you're "safe" and then out of the blue some monster (fibro) jumps out and demolishes your sense of well being.

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