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New to fibro
kristimominnewmexico posted:
Hello. I was diagnosed last summer. I am still able to work as a sped kinder teacher but it is difficult. I am dealing with both fibro pain and the pain from a lower back with no cartilage. I begin PT tomorrow. I take ibuprofen and tramadol which both help. Due to meds I take for other conditions there are a many meds that are not safe for me to take due to interactions. My NP has also tried several that either have not helped or I have had serious side effects. I also suffer from pretty severe IBS which was diagnosed soon after and my memory seems to be going fast! I am 44 and feel 20-25 years older. I have fatigue and seem to need naps often and have to plan carefully to make sure the most important errands or chores get done before I give out. I am ready to try natural remedies/supplements. 2 questions- What supplements seem to work on pain, memory, and even improve energy levels? Also My No wants me to try savella but it is not covered well on my insurance. Has anyone seen relief from this drug? Anyway, hope everyone has a good day!
dollbug responded:
Hello Kristi and welcome. Sorry that you have met the wrath of the dragon, aka FM. I think it is a good thing that you are still able to work. Learning how to pace, pace and pace even more might help you some. As for the fatigue, I have not been able to find anything that has helped mine. If you happen to find something that does help I hope you will share it with us.

I am one of the FMers here who takes vitamins and supplements and do other things as well. I have learned how to *control my FM pain* but as I have said, I have NOT found anything which has made a difference in my fatigue. There are times though that the fatigue is worse than others and I can NOT seem to figure out what causes it to be. I do know that sleep is really important for us FMers. I do have issues off and on with my sleep. I take a good multi vitamin with extra D. (source one from walmart) I also take Fibro Response and Magnesium Malate found at vitamin store. I have had issues with lower back pain and I take P5P for this. (found at vitamin store as well)

I would like to know if the doctor checked your Vitamin D level.....if not, then I would encourage you to be sure and speak to the doctor about getting it checked. Low Vitamin D seems to be common for some people and can cause some people to have additional pain and it can also affect other illnesses as well. It requires a simple blood test BUT you must ASK the doctor to run it as it is not included in the normal blood work that the doctors do.

In the beginning I tried several different medicines but did not find anything which really helped me without causing side effects. I ended up doing my own research and then did a trial and error process to find what would help me cope better. We are all different and what helps one may or may not help you. Only you will know when you have found what works for you

I also hope you will check out the info here under *tips* and *resources* and be sure and review the *member toolbox* as well.

Other tools that I have found has helped are using a heating pad often, taking a hot shower at night using lavender bath salts might help your body to relax so you can sleep better, drinking plenty of water every day and watching what you eat. Stopain Spray is good stuff to use as well on places where you have pain which will not calm down. (you can find it at walmart for just under $10)

A good thing to do is to keep a journal every day so that you can perhaps *track* what might be causing more pain. Tracking your activities and your pain level and what you are taking might give you some good info on things. (this might also help your doctor as well)

As for the memory issues....I have not found anything which has made a difference for me for this either. Some people say Co Q 10 helps. I tried this for a while but did not see that it helped.

Hope this helps some.



franr responded:
Hi Kristi

First of all welcome.It appears you have a pretty supportive NP that is half the battle. You are in a very stressful but rewarding career. I worked with SPED children for years and it can be trying and exhausting .Good vitamins to take Vitamin B complex is good for the memory and Omega 3 is very good for the heart and major organs and tissues in the muscles .Calcium ,multiply vitamin and C are important. The new drugs like savella etc do help some people but they come with some terrible side effects .And anyone with health issues need to be careful and monitored.I am not sure you have a family but rest after work before dinner this may helpI hope this helps and this web site has very supportive members so come back often. Hugs to you Fran.
kristimominnewmexico replied to dollbug's response:
Thanks so much for your post. My NP did not check my vitamin D level but she did mention that it could help pain so I am taking it.
kristimominnewmexico replied to franr's response:
Thanks for the post Fran. I am sooo tired of yucky side effects ! I just began PT yesterday. I have always taken whatever was prescribed with blind faith but those days are over. I will investigate before I fill prescriptions!
janejanehk responded:
hi Krsiti,

I agree with Mimim that "We are all different and what helps one may or may not help you. Only you will know when you have found what works for you ... using a heating pad often, taking a hot shower at night using lavender bath salts might help your body to relax so you can sleep better, drinking plenty of water every day and watching what you eat... "

For me, I've suffered from FMS for 15 years. western conventional medicine doesn't work on me. I'm too sensitive and the side effects always come out first rather than the real effect. Chi Kung and Chinese medicine helped me to manage my pain. I have started to learn several alternative therapies now and just completed the 2nd level of CST trainings. During the training, it is found that my condition is still chronic although superficially it seems that the pain has been managed and therefore I've just started some CST treatments from my teacher, who's probably one of the toppest therapists in the world and he will be back to US soon.

If you have religious belief, do have much faith on your own spiritual practices. God is the only one who's able to leads our road and guide us our own way in coping with our condition.

Pray for you,
Hong Kong

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