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Hurt really bad
wendybidwell posted:
This has been a very difficult 2 days for me!! My body pain and depression is horrible. I have tried hot soaks with Epsom salt, massages, my Cymbalta, muscle relaxers, exercise and nothing is is hard to even lift my legs to walk..I keep having sharp pains in my groin area and the front of my upper thighs that make me scream out in pain.. I have a constant pain in my arms and upper right chest. I also have sciatica which really flares up when the Fibro takes control..... I litterally hurt from head to toe? So needless to say I have not been in a very good mood.....I just wish I could get some kind of relief....
fibroinsd responded:
HI and sorry you are dealing with this. Sounds like you have tried a lot of things...Have you had your vit. D level checked? Have you tried B-completes...and magnesium....I know that it is a lot of trial and error to find out what works for you...What level of Cymbalta are you on? I hope we can help you find some things that might help...hang in there..

Let's put the fun back in dysfunctional !- Mary Englebright
bette_kaffitz responded:

Gosh, I hope that you are past the worst of this flare. It is no fun at all.

It sounds as if you have been doing LOTS to break this particular pain cycle. It also sounds as if your current meds and other treatments are not enough.

Has your fibro doctor seen you when you are in this bad a shape? She should. If nothing else, she will be more accepting that you ARE in pain. With any luck, she may find better ways to treat you and all of your symptoms.

I know how difficult it is to do one more thing while you are in such pain, but please try to keep track of what you were doing the days before your dragon flared up. Then make a list of all the things you have tried in your effort to feel better. This can be a valuable resource for your next bout.

One more thing. Try to get your doctor to give you some extra help to use as a "rescue kit" during major flares. We all need our daily routine of meds and other aids. We also need some big guns to bring out to really battle an active dragon attack.

Now just relax, think happy thoughts, sip an herbal tea or some hot cocoa, and take a deep breath. All of these can relieve stress and help banish your flare.

Towards better days,


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