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Tuesday *****2/25/2014 *****
dollbug posted:
Morning FMily. Well we are getting close to ending another month. I know that spring time is getting closer now. I sure hope spring time lasts a very long time this year with lots of sunshine and warmer weather. I am hoping summer will not be as hot as the winter was cold....if so we are in trouble. They say though that there is another *cold front* on its way. I sure hope it will be the last one we have to deal with for a while.

Here is hoping each of you had a good night's rest and I hope today will be a good day for us all with little to no pain.

Welcome to the new members who have joined our support group recently. I am sure that each of you will soon find something that will help you cope better. It does take time and effort to figure out the just right combination of tools that will make a difference so hang in here and learn all you can about what others have found that has made a difference for them. We are all different so what works for one may or may not work for you.

As for me, I am one of the FMers here who has learned how to *control my FM pain by taking vitamins and supplements and doing other things as well* took me a long time to figure this out and I continue have to tweak things every now and then to keep it working. I have found that using my heating pad is a good thing. I think the wrath of the dragon does not like heat and I know that my body sure does. Drinking plenty of water is a good thing as well.....along with watching what I eat.

A good way to keep up with things in the beginning is to keep a journal of sorts of what you do each day....activity and diet and of course your pain levels. You can then perhaps get a better picture of what may or may not be causing more/less pain. This is a process of which we FMers have to face a lot of the time. Everything takes time and effort.

Vitamin D. Be sure to ask your doctor about getting your Vitamin D level important for some people.

Learning how to pace, pace and pace even more is also a good tool. Your body will thank you for doing this.

Have a good day. Hope you have some sunshine to enjoy.


katmandulou responded:
Hi All:
COLD here in the northeast, 23 now (feels like 12 with the wind) and only going up to 29 later. I'm tired of the cold and the achiness I feel. They say we'll see more snow Wednesday into Thursday, again Saturday and more next week. I'm tired of moving snow! And how much tea can one gal drink?!?!?

I've put on 5 lbs, and it's time I wrestle it off before springtime and pretty clothes. Waistbands are feeling a bit tight, so I'm being more careful about what I eat and trying to get in some walking every day. It's not a diet, it is truly a lifestyle change. I'm looking for the balance they say I should have. (Whomever they are!)

I haven't heard from my client since I was dismissed, and I'm sure I'm long out of their minds. I opened the new laptop over the weekend, it's very sleek and fun to use. I need to update the software on my iMac before I can move them to the MacBook.

I'm making progress on DH's sweater, sleeves are about 60% done. I need a break from it or it would be done by the weekend; I think it's one of the reasons my fingers have become dry and are splitting. I'm not dawdling, I have an afghan for a nephew in the works, and the bigger needles are better for my sore fingers.

Off to connect with people who might have work for me. I wish you the best day you can possibly have!
rudyandirmouse responded:
Good Tuesday MiMi, Lou and to those that will follow. Hoping that each of you has good day going and that it's one that is not filled with fibro's aches and pain.

MiMi, I'm with you spring can't come soon enough. Just when I think I can put some of the heavy coats and sweaters away another cold spell hits. I am beginning to hate the term Polar Vortex.

Speaking of the Never Ending Winter: It's sunny here, but cold. They say snow tonight, lets see. If it does snow it won't stick and won't be anything to write home about. The 10 day outlook here is still winter. No 70's like last weekend. But perhaps it's better to have a little more cold so the hot air doesn't cause storms here.

DH went back to work today after his days off for his brother's funeral. Losing a loved one hits each person differently. I cried for weeks after losing my BIL. DH was strong as a rock. He did very well at the service, so I was told. Yet yesterday he was all tears and sadness. Today he seemed like his old self and I am hoping being busy at work will help him. I wish I could do more to ease his pain but he must work it out himself and he knows he has me and a whole village to turn to and talk to. Thank goodness for large families like his. He's the baby out of 13 and 2 adopted. He's already lost 2 older brothers and 2 sisters.. but he has 7 sisters and a younger brother. He's holding up okay but is emotional some days and not on others. I feel so bad for them all.

Well I got my neck traction done and I feel better. I got a reevaluation yesterday and I will have 2 visits a week for 2 months and hope by that time I can wean down to one visit a week, then be done. I will do anything and everything it takes to keep the migraines away. I'm being told they are due solely to fibro. They come from the shoulder/ neck area up and over the top of my head to the front of my head. It's SFN/ fibro driven. And although I hate um, the shots that block the nerves coming from neck, they hurt so bad, but I'd rather have them than a migraine and be hauled off to the ER. That's an UGH.

Lou, DH bought me a new lap top because the ACER I had was many years old, but it did worked well, just slow. And it was always disconnecting me. So I get this new one, I get online and then I have the same darn modem issues. I take the Ethernet card/ usb port connection to Sprint and it's bad. Had to order a new one. So we bought the new lap to for NOTHING. The old one was fine. UGH. I hate when things like this happen. But I am keeping the new one, it's nice. Has Widows 8 and can run any program and boots up in a nano second. Still learning how to navigate it. But all in all it's a pretty nice addition to my tech life.

Not a lot going onto today. Back adjustment in the late p.m. No doctor appointments until next week. Yay that. I often wonder if I'd be seeing doctors at all right now if it weren't for the fact that I have SFN and PN? I'm thinking not.

Anyway, I got so much done yesterday with DH that's there's not too much left. I do need to stop a Whole Foods, my market of choice, tonight for some candied Ginger. The doctor at the Northridge Hospital mentioned Ginger Root for mild stomach upset, rather than meds or over the counter.

So thought why not try it. I bought some the day I got out of the hospital and gotta tell ya the raw ginger root takes a lot of getting used to, but darn if it didn't work in just minutes. So I was taking some each a.m. and p.m. but then I found the candied version. It's pretty good. I have been putting small pieces of ginger root in my morning tea and gosh my stomach feels so good afterwards. And its also helping me that I have the news IBS medication. It too seems to be working. It would be HEAVEN not to have IBS issues over every darn thing I eat.

Okay, sending well wishes to all. Have a wonderful day.

Gentle hugs to all. Linda R

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