Do you exercise? Does it help or hurt?
mrsjam96 posted:
I have been told to exercise. It will help they say. I don't see how! If I go outside and play with my kids I hurt worse and sleep all day the next day.

I'm wondering, do any of you find exercise beneficial? I'm thinking about trying warm water arthritis classes.

I've been diagnosed with fibro for 5 years. I have a Rheumo who does NOT believe. He is the ONLY one in town.

I'm 42 and I feel like I'm 92! My memory is sooo bad. I'm struggling helping my kids 3rd & 1st grade with their homework!!!
dollbug responded:
Hello mrsjam and welcome. MiMi in NC. Sorry that you are having to deal with the wrath of the dragon, aka FM.

Doing *gentle exercises and/or stretching* helps me.....*GENTLE* though being the important word. I also have chronic fatigue and could not do anything that I would consider beneficial exercises. (I use to exercise)

There are days when I have problems with doing just what I need to do.

I hope you will check out the info under *tips* and *resources* here and be sure and read the *member toolbox*....have you had your Vitamin D level checked?

Take care.


Anon_10089 replied to dollbug's response:

Yes, that seems to be the favorite blanket cure for many doctors. Of course, all humans benefit from exercise. But it does flare up our pain, and I don't think many doctors understand that. I have done different forms of exercise over the years. I find simple walking to be good. And walking at the pace you want--not trying to get your heart rate up, or anything. I have shoulder and neck problems, so I even watch out swinging my arms too much.

I have learned the hard way, through very intense exercise, that I believe that my body is in a constant state of stress, so too intense of exercise stressed it too much. Very low key exercise actually does better for me.

I'm not sure of your individual issues, but when you're playing with your kids, watch how much and how high you're using your arms. For us, they're best kept near our bodies. Also, it's one of those choices we with FM have to constantly make. Yes, exercise/playing with kids will cause pain. But is that pain worth it for the sake of playing with the kids? Maybe you can lessen the pain some so the next day will not be so difficult and come to a compromise.

My bottom line answer is, yes to both. Exercise does help. It releases endorphins, it helps with sleep, and it's good for us. But, yes, it also hurts me some and I think it always will. I find if I can keep the pain under a certain level, I can be okay with it. I would be in pain anyway.

FM is such a mind game!

mortam replied to Anon_10089's response:
I too was told to do exercise, but low impact exercise that doesn't necessarily have to get your heart rate up, I have found Pilates, water exercise and some weights to increase my strength has really helped in my pain management although this does make me tired straight after and some days the next but it is less frequent now that I exercise more... I too some days really struggle to play my kids but I make myself on my good days and then rest where I can on the bad that way kids get some time and I don't feel guilty when I can't play with them, I feel the same way my memory and ability to think off the cuff is shocking and sometimes embarrassing haven't found a way to deal with this yet! It's a constant struggle but I feel my kids really help me just get on when I just want to stay on couch and I use them as my motivation wherever possible, I'm still finding my way and things may change but at moment this is my attempt to try dealing with the 'dragon'!!
mariajohnson responded:
Yes do gentle exercises and when the exercises hurt you stop them immediately. For people with fibromyalgia, low-impact aerobics are the best.
meg_k replied to mariajohnson's response:

I have experienced the same thing. Being told to exercise when we all have some level of exercise intolerance. Not only will we collapse/flare for a certain amount of time, I have become physically iill from overdoing it.

I find I can do a low level of exercise -- for me it is yoga and walking. Some swimming. What helped me was going to Physical Therapy with a professional who has experience treating FM. They can put you on a program for any level. If your goal is running a marathon again, and your body will cooperate toward that goal, fine. If you are just trying to get fit enough to be able to unload the dishwasher, that's fine, too. They put you through a fitness program with gradual increases. For example, my first week I did some stretching and 12 minutes of walking a day. Then, after three weeks if I felt ok, I would add a minute to the walking, and eventually I could add a minute a week and then a minute a day. It's all about gradual increases, and being sure not to overdo it.

Staying "fit" means a whole different thing now (I used to do triathlons!) but it's still important.

Love & soft hugs,
Meg from MN
missist replied to meg_k's response:
I do exercise but its not normal really. I do stretches in my hot tub and I am treadmilling but its taken me 3 days to get to 5 minutes. so that's where I'm at. I want it to make me feel better not worse.
missist replied to missist's response:
I did do water exercise a while ago--and I found that I needed a nap immediately when I got home. Also after I'd been doing it for months I was still needing a nap every time and feeling like I could barely do a thing all day afterwards. I went 3 times a week mid morning and it pretty much ruined the day. Then I over did I think--but I ended up with some kind of issue--which I think is myofascial pain-- in my butt/thighs. I also happen to have a bulging disc--so that may be part of it--but this has been an active pain area now for a year and a half.

Walking on the treadmill seems to be a good thing--but I'm not going to over do this--so I'm just really really taking it slow getting back into it.
bette_kaffitz responded:
I'm with Mary. I used to be able to walk--even with fibro. Now it hurts to walk even short distances (a block or two).

The trick is to listen to your body. For many of us, warm water exercises and/or therapy/stretches is the answer. If you get that Yikes! response when you first dip your big toe in, the water is too cold. If you hurt while you are doing a stretch or move, stop. If you ache the next day, accept that you did too much.

If you establish a routine that works for you, and for some reason it suddenly starts to hurt, please have this checked out. I was doing aquatic therapy 2X a week for 10 years. One day, it hurt to climb in and out of the pool or to lift my left leg to the side. When this continued for a few weeks, I got some X-rays and found I needed a hip replacement. Five years later, the pain came back. The hip needed a revision.

Listen to your body. It will tell you what it needs. Just start out very slowly. Your body already hurts. It doesn't need you to bring it more aches.

booch007 responded:
Good morning Mrs Jams,
Cute name...I can see you in your red striped jams!! Ha!

OH man if I could only count the number of time I heard...excersise and PT. Physical therapy killing me the most. I am really not FM, though my symptoms are similar.

I awoke stiff and 90 y/o and felt like the muscles were out of oil. No one was moving. I had painful feet like walking on glass and hands that were numb and weak arms.

I still have some of these isses. I have CMP. Chronic Myofascial Pain syndrome which a is a problem with trigger points in the muscles. There is a dysfunction to the muscle that gets it congested and non functioning. I can be in a store and the legs won't go running our of gas.

If I did some "exercise" or effort...the next day I was in trouble. My exam by neurology would kill me the next day. Thank God he heard me and finally referred me to a myofascial specialist in their office.

So what I am trying to say is , I have learned that FM patients may have CMP but CMP pt's don't have FM. So maybe you are dealing with trigger points. They are small areas in the tissues that are so painful when touched. NOT an all over pain.
But when alot of them are active for me....I am in a flare and rest for a day or two.


I have found a shower and stretching in there was best for me.

That hydrating with water OVER takes time to hydrate back up again (for physiological reasons). I also was told at a large $$ to eat green veggies to detox my body. I did.

I am pretty well tuned, I work full time and I have found too that my little 19.99 trampoline is great for a work out. I dance to great music and keep my arms close to the body, the physiatrist felt that it moves fluids in the core of my body by defying he was all for this. It is low impact for the knees and rest as you go with the spring of it.

Water before and after....about 4 bottle of water a day if not 5. Those are the ones with the pop up blue top.

Don't let anyone tell you what you can do, you need to figure it out yourself. I couldn't even do the stretch when they told me. I had to hydrate and warm up first. I had to detox too.

I can't tell you to my surprise after doing the hydrate and greens when the first stretch worked...I was in bed in the warm sheet when I did it and the legs felt good after......I could feel the muscles changed! WOW. A moment to remember. It has been that way since.

Good luck,. I use as a bible "FM and chronic myofascial Pain, by Dr Devin Starlanyl MD as a guide. has it. I have gained alot from her wisdom.

Take care, Nancy B
zippdee7 responded:

Hi there,

I used to think it was crazy when I was told to exercise it took me some time to get around to it, but I find that it help. It hurts a lot, let me tell you, but after you get in the middle of it you feel like you have been stretched and feel more limber.

I have been doing tredmill and eliptical (3) days a week, if not something kind of physical. I usu. do (10) min.. stretch before. Don't know how long I'll keep it up. I pay dearly, but feels ok at the time.

I also use an app on my phone called nexercise. It helps keep me motivated and somewhat on track, or else I might not do it as often as I do. Hope this helps.