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    Even a Rheumy can't tell.
    bette_kaffitz posted:
    Two weeks ago, I finally got to see the rheumatologist. He said I belonged on biologics and would soon have deformed, useless hands if I was not. He ordered X-rays and blood tests, and he said to come back in 2 weeks.

    At that time, I said to myself (and to you friends here) that I bet he was mistaken and that my hands are the same as they've been for 40 years.

    All my tests were negative. (It took 10 vials of blood and 6 views of my hands to tell HIM that.) The rheumy declared, "Your joints are like those of a 35 year old." (He doesn't get that they've been like that since I was 29.)

    So, I've had two trips to his office. I've spent $$$. And my hands/ wrists/fingers/arms/shoulders still hurt.

    Yes, it is good news that I don't have degenerative arthritis. It's really good news. But, please, can't someone tell me what to do to take this pain and swelling away?

    On an up note: last time, I saw this beautiful blouse in Kohls while we were in the big, bad city. I didn't buy it because it was too expensive. Today, it was on sale--and my DH bought it for me! The one bright spot of the day. Oh, did I tell you we drove through whiteouts going and coming today?!!!

    Towards better days,

    dollbug responded:
    Hello Bette....have you tried taking joint supplements and Omegas? Also you might want to try the P5P that I have talked about. As I have stated before....I went to several specialists who could NOT find anything which was causing my lower back pain. I did have kidney stones in both kidneys but the doctor said he did not think they were the cause of my pain.

    The man at the vitamin store said that IF by the time I did not feel any different after completing the first bottle of P5P then I did not need to get the 2nd bottle. I have lost track of how many bottles I have bought. I purchased a large bottle last time. (they had a really good sale).

    As you already know we are all different and this might or might not help will never know though until you try.

    And what are *whiteouts*? Just wondering.


    bette_kaffitz replied to dollbug's response:

    Whiteouts are when the snow is coming down so hard and the wind is blowing so fiercely that you cannot see the road or anything else. Scary! There was a segment on the news yesterday about a 90 some vehicle pileup during a whiteout.

    Thank you for the suggestions about Omegas. I do take them. I will be on the lookout for p5p's at the drugstore next time I am in.

    As always, thank you for the help--always cheerfully given.

    dollbug replied to bette_kaffitz's response:
    Hello Bette. I had a feeling that the whiteouts had something to do with snow....but I did not know just what it meant.

    So are you taking joint supplements? I tell you that they have helped my knees and hips. I have been on them for a long time. I had to go through several different kinds of supplements though before I found one that really helped me. I take the pink labeled bottle of Osteo Bi Flex. (there are several different colored labels). I only take 2 a day.

    I do worry about taking them though since there was some concern about eye problems (I think it was)

    OK....I hope the P5P works for you.....but you will probably not find them at the drug store....vitamin store is where I get mine.

    Take care.



    booch007 responded:

    The first and most lingering symptom I had was my hands.....Early on if I took the easiest case in the ICU and did one B/P the residual effect was awful. I kept asking if I could have Lymes in my finger joints....

    Specifically the LEFT MIDDLE FINGER JOINT. The pain was so bad that I dreamt my house was on fire and I was opening the window(burning) to jump out the window.

    When I woke...the hands were stiff and burning unable to move without a good 10 pain.

    The answer for me came many years later and I still have as I examine my arms a neuritis that happens from entrapment in the shoulder/anterior and posterior arm pit area.
    It is injected (TrP) by neurology and it releases and the hands are better.

    I remember asking the Neurologist I was seeing t the time, how long before I have wasting of the muscles.....he couldn't figure it out until I saw Dr D and she had Travelle and Simmons on the desk. When she answered all my questions, I cried.
    No muscle damage but I have a fix.

    It is amazing what can happen to our bodies and what the medical teams around us do to figure out the real issues of what is happening. Sometime I just shook my head at the answer I received. (I feel for the non medical pt) If I did the surgeries and half the dumb responses I would not be where I am today.

    I did get braces made for my arms that were full length to keep the elbow from bending (Frankenstein!) I was so afraid I would smack my husband during the night.....stupid....

    If this is MPS the key for me was repeated TrP injections in that area. P R I C E L E S S....

    Good luck. It is amazing the effort put into getting some relief. Alot of the time it is the patient that gets the answer and fixes themselves.

    Hugs from me, Nancy B
    bette_kaffitz replied to booch007's response:

    Thank you so much for the additional Myofascial Trigger Point. Things have been a little better since we added the insertion of the deltoids to my MTP injections. I'll have to ask for a little bit of searching in those armpits for another problem area next time I go for them--3 weeks.

    In the meantime, I'll be caught up with the preliminaries to having the right side radio frequency ablation on April 7. You have to get medical clearance with your primary AND have an informational apt. with the NP at the pain clinic--despite having gone through it all for the right side already.

    As always, you have the answers. Thank you--again.


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