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Don't know what to do.
An_255796 posted:
Hi from Northwest TN. We have had ice and snow last night and today. Very depressing stuff. O.k. so I am scheduled to go to the doctor tomorrow but wanted a little input from some other people. I have had extreme pain in my left side for about 3 months now. Went to my local practitioner and he gave me meds for tendonitis. Didn't work so I have called my gyno for an appt., going there tomorrow. The thing is I have numbness down my left side and left foot. My feet feel like I am walking on rocks all the time. I have been diagnosed with fibromyalgia for about 6 years now and live with that pain on a daily basis. Sheesh. Anyway I can't figure out whats going on. I guess i'll have to wait till I go to Dr. tomorrow. That is if I can get there. Thanks for listening
missist responded:
treating your side for tendonitis seems odd--did he run any tests first? or was it tender to touch--I suppose that would make sense then. I have a spot on my right side that has hurt to the touch and flared up sometimes for about 10 or 12 years. flared last night actually-which ruined sleep.

I guess if you have some thing pressing a nerve it would explain numbness--and that is quite possible.

Hope they figure it all out, praying they do.
puppylover3 replied to missist's response:
Thanks Mary, The doc is doing an ultrasound in another week. She did not think anything was wrong with my ovary, so my next step is the neurologist. She thinks maybe a pinched nerve and probably just scar tissue where I hurt on my side, maybe we will get to the bottom of it, I hope. I have a sister that has FM also and a brother that has MS, so thats why I didn't want to let this go. I know the weather is probably a big factor also. Cross my fingers.....
missist replied to puppylover3's response:
Hi Puppylover.. You know-- about 5 years ago I set out to find out what was wrong with my side that flares and is sore--and by golly: after an ultra sound and a cat scan & a colonoscopy- I found out nothing-- well I did find out other things un-related..but I still have the same stitch in my side and no answer. I chalked it up to fibro and moved on. LOL hopefully you find out it is nothing serious.
bette_kaffitz responded:

I sincerely hope that your neurologist will find the cause of your pain and be able to correct the problem.

Unfortunately, for many of us, the problem is "just the fibro." Our nervous systems are telling our muscles to do some weird things. The muscles obey, and we get pain.

Your neurologist will understand that, too.

I truly believe that a neurologist is the ideal person to treat fibro. Not all neurologists agree, but those who do are a godsend.

In the meantime, remember your warm baths/showers. Go find the heating pad for some quality time resting. In other words, do whatever it takes to be kind to your body. Perhaps it will return the favor.

meg_k replied to bette_kaffitz's response:

Just out of curiousity, can you describe the location of your left side pain? Is it just to the "south" of your rib cage, top of your abdomen?

I hope the neuro will be able to help. I agree with Bette about neurologists. My neuro and my endocrinologist (thyroid) have been the most helpful to me.

Best of luck & soft hugs,
booch007 responded:

I had this with feeling like I was walking on glass in the morning. Turned out to be crystals in the feet that were from metabolism and got hung up there. Dehydration was part of the cause.

But what was the treatment??? I had foot massages by my sister and in the nail place and that is how they were broken up and I drank alot of fluids to flush them.

The massage was so painful but I was told it had to be done. Wa La it was the thing I needed.

How we get into these troubles I don't know, but it is a common finding in the spa's. I did it for my husband when he suddenly was saying his feet hurt so much. I used lotions and massaged his feet. You can feel the crystals in there. They kinda pop when you break them.

My sis says they are attached to the tendons. I have to say they are SO PAINFUL.....

Hope you get to a better place. I get my feet done often so I NEVER get that many anymore.

All my best, Nancy B

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