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fibromyalgia medications
tliggett posted:
Hello, I was just diagnosed with fibromyalgia my doctor told me there were several different medicines that we could try. Cymbalta, lyrica, Has anyone had any bad experiences with these medications?
charity1234 responded:
Hi there,

Just wanted to drop a quick note I am prescribed cymbalta now and take 30 mg every morning I have been on it for quite some time and have had no side effects but I am on a relatively low dose.

I as well was on lyrica when I first was diagnosed and I did have one weird symptom but my pain management dr had never heard of the side effect that I had, it caused me to have very little to no sensation in my lower region, I could not orgasm and was numb. It was very weird.

I went through a severe bout of migraines as well and since I stopped using lyrica my migraines have been few and far between.

Now this is my experience and everyone is very different there are a lot of side effects but you won't know until you try. Hope this helps a little.

ajnsmom responded:
My doc said a lot of people gain weight on Lyrica, so I told her I don't want to go on that because I'm already obese.

Linda S. (Jax, FL)
maryb915 replied to ajnsmom's response:
Lyrics was a god send at first, then I gained over80 lbs and I just hurt everywhere tread lightly

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