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Sunday - 3/16/2014 *****
dollbug posted:
Morning FMily. MiMi NC and it is suppose to rain today. Last night both wrists and my right elbow were giving me fits. I am assuming it has something to do with the weather since these do not hurt all the time. It seems like it is one thing or something else all the time.

Good thing was that I slept good last night. Weird thing was sometime this morning I dreamed the telephone was ringing.....normally I do NOT dream. When I got up I did check to see if anyone had called and so I know it had to be a dream.

Here is hoping each of you had a good night's rest and I hope we will all have a good day, with little to no pain.

I had a couple of errands to run and found some good deals on some things for the GC. I guess the stores as trying to get rid of whatever is left from the winter months. I also got lucky and found some little shorts for boys too. Boys do not seem to care what they wear as long as they are dressed. Actually my GD is this way as well. She can go into her closet and pick out something. It is funny as when she visits her dad she does NOT bring any with her, as she knows she has things there.

So much going on around the world. I still can not even believe that the airplane has not been found yet. So many families without any info on what happened to it. I am thinking someone is not providing as much as they know about this ordeal. With todays modern day technology, how on earth can a huge plane just vanish?

Welcome to the new members who have joined our support group. I am sure that each of you will soon find something that will help you cope better. I have found that the more you educate yourself on the wrath of the dragon, the better you will figure out how to feel better. It does take a trial and error process to find things which will actually make a difference but soon you will. Be sure and check out the info here under *tips* and *resources* and review the *member toolbox* as well. I am sure you will find some *tools* which you have not thought of trying. Dealing with this illness presents a challenge for most of us. It is not an easy path to take....but it can get better. Learning how to pace, pace and pace even more is a good place to start. Keeping a journal in the beginning might just help you figure out what you can do to ease your pain. Eating right and drinking plenty of water. Doing *gentle* exercises and/or stretching each day will also help. (gentle being the important word here) Taking vitamins and supplements might also help. This is what I do and I have found what works for me.

Nana B...I wanted to ask you what the *green* stuff you used and where did you get it. Was this just a powder supplement? My daughter is using Raw Protein. Do you know anything about this? She says that she is feeling so much better.
I wanted to tell her about what you used.

That's it. Remember to pace, pace and pace even more.
Your body will thank you for this.

(SPRING is peeping around the bend)



booch007 responded:
Morning MIMI,

I used "Green Vibrance" I bought it at Mrs. greens (how appropriate) but it is a known antioxidant and can be found in many places. I used the powder form (pond scum) when mixed. But I also tried the capsules. It's loaded with good things and I DID feel better after 30 days.

I also was using whey protien in a yogurt shake as a meal.

I don't know of the Raw me that would be eating a steak. The problem with high protien in your life, it dehydrates you and you get acidy from the extra nitrogen you need to clear. So flush flush flush...

I am glad to read that you slept, and am sorry you also are hurting more today as I. As I sit here it is now in the cheeks of my face. All referred pain from the dang neck. I hot pak'd my neck sitting here but to no avail. I will go off to the shower next and wash my hair for the headache adding massage in there.

What a life we is a battle ground most of the time.

Hope the day goes well for the fmly, everyone is turning IRISH today to tomorrow....maybe that is why I hurt!! LOL....

Hugs,, Nancy
mnjeepguy responded:
Good morning. It is 3 degrees with light snow. I am not entirely pleased. We are supposed to get about 6" later this week. It has been a while since I have had to move snow, but I wouldn't mind if it were over.

I was able to sand the walls in bath yesterday. The DW was a little messy this time and it made for a long sanding session. She went to the hardware store and found a heavier grit pad for me. It is a small room and I was at it for about 3 hrs. We have to do a little more mud work today and then a final sanding. The good thing is that we borrowed my good friend's tools. He has a sanding pad that hooks right to the shop vac to keep dust down.

My wrist was screaming at me all evening so I iced it several times. I will wear my brace today and take it a little easier. I wish this pain in the butt would heal or be figured out soon. It's kind of like winter this year. Go away already.

Mimi, I am glad you slept good. You were long overdue.

Nancy and Mimi, take it easy today in this higher pain day. Take care everyone.

rudyandirmouse responded:
Good Sunday everyone. I truly hope that your today is starting off well. DH is up stairs sleeping so I have a few minutes to post here a Hello to everyone and wish each of you a good day.

It's overcast and raining here. It will be raining all day they say and it's cold again. Will this winter never end? I do have to be out in the cold and rain because I didn't get the few errands done yesterday. Got busy with this and that an well their left for today.

I have been placed on LYRICA because I told my Neurologist that it's my feel that hurt more than anything else. I have started off with one capsule @ bedtime and next Friday I will begin to take one in the a.m. as well. So far the LYRICA seems to be working even with the one pill. I have gone hours and haven't even thought about my feet. Yay that.

MiMi, glad you got a good amount of sleep last night. But am sorry the sound of a " dream phone ringing " woke you up early.
As for store clothes sales to get rid of winter things most of the stores here still have them on regular priced racks. But I am on the lookout for them as soon as we get just a bit warmer.

Cory, glad you are making such good progress on your project but am so very sorry that your wrists and arms, etc are hurting you so. I also wish warmer temps for your area but winter just seems to be loving your neck of the woods. Sending you <<< WARM >>> thoughts.

Nancy, Green Vibrance? How helpful is it for fibro issues? I am so willing to give new things a try in the hope that it might help ease fibro's grip on me.
Example: This new stomach doctor from Vanderbilt has scripted me a medication that is not FDA approved and is 84 dollars a month because it's not covered by Medicare or my secondary pharmacy insurer. Anyway I got it and I started to use it ( 1 week in ) and it works well but I got scared off when I found out it's not FDA approved. What are your thoughts on using a non FDA approved medication. I just worried about long term effects on a non approved drug.. like I need just one more medical issue to deal with. UGH.
Also, I do hope that today is a better day for you, fibro flare pain wise. And you are the most positive person I have seen here on the site and I know your positive thinking will help you get through to Monday's shots and then the medications you need to feel back to your normal. Am also sure that your will be okay for the party and the little ones Monday. Have a great St. Pat's Day. << HUGS >>>

As for me, like I said, I have just started the LYRICA and yet another ( this is FDA approved ) IBS med and between them I guess I'm doing better. Having fibro is the pits and it's many conditions come so quickly you barely have time to get out from under one of it's aliments then right into another.

But all in all I am getting to feel a bit better cause the neck traction is working for the neck and shoulder issues and pain. The blocking shots at the base of skull are keeping the fear of getting a migraine away and now the new med for the foot pain may just get me back to feeling like I'm normal again and can do normal things at a normal speed. Fibro slows me down so that I drag just doing the smallest of things. Oh please let it be warm and sunny soon so I can have some fibro issue and pain relief.

Okay will close this here wishing each of you a good day and one that does not include dealing with any pain or fibro related issues.
Gentle hugs, Linda R

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