Different vision-Does anyone else see,visually than others around them?
An_255674 posted:
I've always had different vision than the people around me. I'm more sensitive to light. Fibro..I was also diagnosed with Scotopic Sensitivity Syndrome(aka visual dyslexia); this is when the letters wiggle on the page and make some words disappear. I always have to reread something a couple times to get anything out of it. Reading lists of numbers is all but impossible.

But in this case, I see everything in tiny, microscopic dots. Like one of those paintings. I've always seen that way, and no one seems to know what I'm talking about. Do I sound nuts? This way of seeing things isn't blurry, but it can be distracting. It's like "super vision" LOL...kinda enhanced, I have been able to find things like needles on carpets, when others can't.
It's so weird...seriously, am I nuts?
booch007 responded:

This sounds amazing, I have never heard of this. It sounds like , you know in autism there are (sevants ?spelling) the children who are amazing at things....

Well it sounds like you are a sevant (sp?) for vision.....

Me, I am blind...always was. Had laser surgery and got out of glasses for a bit then right back in them. Then a detachment in the left eye caused a wrinkle and now I am a mess at times.
Either reading glasses on or distance with astigmatic lenses on. . (Miss the emocion here....I would put the glasses one in here) Lol.

Good luck with this....amazing stuff. NancyB
rowan73 replied to booch007's response:
I'm sorry to hear about your vision, but I envy all of your senses that have come to compensate for it.....
as a matter of fact, my eldest is autistic. I knew within hours of his birth that he was going to be special...or in some circles, "extra-ordinary". I was never diagnosed with anything (including FM), but maybe the tree doesn't fall from the apple.....envision head-scratch here....food for thought...
*gentle hug*
Smile you're never alone, and laughter is the best medicine. As Bobby McFerrin said Don't worry, be happy...an anthem for me...remember stress makes it worse ;)