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Sunday - 3/23/2014 *****
dollbug posted:
Morning FMily. A good Sunday to each of you. MiMi in NC where it has been nice weather for a few days. It was cool a bit yesterday as we watched our GS play soccer. These 4 year old children were so funny to watch. They all wanted to pick up the ball instead of using their feet. (I guess this is hard since we teach children to catch and throw balls first). I also noticed that it seems like the little girls have a longer attention span than the little boys. Some of the little girls did a lot better than the boys. I held and tried to keep my newest GB entertained. He sat in the stroller long enough to get to the field and then he wanted out. The sun was bright which was nice but the wind was blowing a good bit.

We also had some errands to run as well. I ended up eating breakfast though and something did not agree with me. Normally I do not have issues with breakfast. I was thinking about Cory and what he has been through with stomach issues as well. I hope things are better today with this. I know it is not fun at all when food is involved in how we feel.

Here is hoping each of you had a good night's rest and I hope today will be a good day for us all as well, with lots of sunshine and nice weather and little to no pain.

Welcome to the new members who have joined our support group and also it is good to see any members who have not posted in a while. I did notice that Jan posted yesterday. So good to see you Jan. I hope things will get better for you soon. I can imagine just how tough it can be when you have children and GC in different parts of the country. I can not even imagine how hard this is on you. My children are all very close...with my older son being about an hour away. I see him often though and we are in contact most every day. Have you used SKYE? Maybe this would help you. Modern day technology can be a very good thing....sometimes.

Well, I did indeed get some Vitamin D yesterday....some natural Vitamin D. I think this helped my feelings some. I am dealing now with eye issues again and my elbows. Can not figure out what is going on. I am hoping once we have better weather they will get better. Not a good thing at all.

That's my story and I'm sticking to it.

Have a great Sunday.


booch007 responded:
Morning Mimi and the Fmily,

Oh I so remember the days of sitting on the fields with the kids. Just see how you are getting to do this twice! Maybe I can after I retire... So sorry you got sick after breakfast, the gut being upset can be just the pits.

Yesterday I was with ALL the grandkids and I did well with the big girls but I saw the baby around 5 and "she is all weight"(25lbs) at 6 months! I think I blew it again.. She was sitting and I just put my arms out and she raised hers....we said "oooohh" I picked her up but she started to cry...I just don't see her enough. But just holding her is too much.

I had alot of fun with the girls. We made bracelets with beads and I brought cheerios for that too. Then I got to see "FROZEN" the disney movie with them...dang they knew the songs and the words too! I just asked "How many times did you see this??" Olivia said "Alot".

Best part I got them OUT on their bikes and in the fresh air. Funny to see Madelyn with a helmut on when she was inches from the ground on a trike! BUT she is JUST LIKE HER SISTER FOR SURE. If sis has this I want this....

Now this is all I did. Took my meds and rested here and there during the day it was an 8 hour watch, their Mom and Dad went to donate blood at Sloan Kettering for a neighbor who is fighting cancer and needed blood products. I warned my son to drink and eat...BUT who listens to Mom.he passed out. DIL says, WTH...I told her it is usually a man that goes down, women are much more tolerant of things.

Anyway a long day. I started this day with that dang headache from the neck. Like glass.....this is happening too often, something is not working with the shots and therapy that I do I think. These are all the time now.

As I did before I may need to journal this to see if I have a set trigger to make this happen. That would be the easiest. Then I will talk with the doc once I get a clearer picture of why....or maybe there is no why. In my case it has usually been something to bring on what issue I have.

I am sure all of you can is working 5 days a week! I have to agree I have no down time and little rest window. It does add up. I am almost to the finish line and I sure can keep trying to keep this up. It means alot to the house and the retirement time I may have ahead of me.

I wish all of you a good start to your day. If it is like mine is, it will get better...get your meds in and give it time to push this dragon away....Waking in pain (and mine is always worse in the worning when I wake) for the rest of you life is such a bummer......keep your attitudes on straight, as I heard the attitude makes the altitude you attain..... I am aiming for the clouds today!

Good day to all, Nancy B
rudyandirmouse responded:
Good Sunday everyone. I hope your day is going well and that it does not find you dealing with fibro issues or pain.

It is nice here, coldish, but nice with sunshine. I do not look forward to the next few WINTER days, again. I am sure that spring is out there somewhere but it sure isn't getting here where I can enjoy it.

Am waiting on DH to wake up so I can head out to DD's house for a visit. She is going to get the photos I need out of my old lap top into the new one. I have backed up everything on my thumb drive but can't for the life of me get the new lap top to upload them. GS, a whiz of a computer whiz, tried and failed. His mom may have better luck.

It will be a nice day, for awhile, to be out. We had to bring in every single plant last night to make sure that the cold, hard freeze cold, coming didn't get them. I feel sorry for the dogwood's, peach, cherry, apple and pear trees because they are all in bloom this week and will get their little buds frozen off come Tuesday. UGH I hate winter to spring transition.

Cory hope you are feeling better today. << Feel Better >> wishes going out to you.

MiMi, sorry your breakfast didn't agree with you. I know so well how that feels. I am hoping DH wants to eat out so I can get out of cooking but if not I will be eating carefully so I don't get a tummy upset, which for me, always seems to happen. Do feel better quickly.

Nancy you post was about your time with all your grand children sounded wonderful and fun. I envy all those who can have all the little ones in one room a lot. Mime are here there and everywhere and very seldom in my home all at one time. So when it happens it's a joy to my heart I can't put into words. <3
And how odd I woke up with a headache and am wondering if it's the Lyrica from last night or just a headache and should I take something for it. As mentioned here I take blocking shots to keep the migraines away and always wonder if I feel a headache if it's just that simple or something more. I hope yours begins to ease up and that you feel better quickly.
mnjeepguy responded:
Good morning from the eternal winter of northern MN. It has warmed up to 11 here by the lake, barely above zero inland. I can't wait to drive away from here in a couple weeks.

My luck went from bad to worse yesterday. I stood up to get ready to move snow and threw my back out again. It was just like I did on Monday. It wasn't crippling, but bad enough to stop me from doing much. I called my twin and he came over to move snow. I just had to get the cars out of the way. It is hard for me to even ask, but I hit bottom and had to put that aside. I am glad I did.

Food still did not taste good so I barely ate yesterday. I focused on hydration and got close to normal. So here I was already light headed, taking muscle relaxers to loosen the back. I was not good for much a second day in a row. I did help the wife get set up to work on the ceiling, but she did most of the work.

There is nowhere to go but up from this point. I am nervous now that bad luck will strike before my trip. I have 8 more work days to get through before we leave on the 4th. I took the 3rd off to prepare. I hope things stay on track now. Wish me luck.

Mimi, I remember my when my oldest was little and in soccer. I think you are right about the attention spans. I still don't have one lol. It was fun to watch them interact with each other and learn to work together. I was thinking, my elbows were a big problem when I did a stint of long hrs at the computer for work. That set it off and even after it was done it stayed. Have you changed your routine to a new repetitive task?

Nancy, I am sure it is 5 days a week combined with your relentless drive. Things have to get done so the doers do them. We all can relate. There are so many things we do that only WE can do, not realizing the full effect until all is complete.

I have to go for now so here is wishing you all a great day. Take care everyone.

fibroinsd responded:
Good afternoon..

Cory..I cannot imagine 11 degrees let alone zero...brr....hope you are spending a day sitting in front of the fire recovering..

I got a call from dad this morning at 7:30 saying he was "in a mess"...DH and I headed over there only to find him and mom back asleep..I think he was half asleep and trying to use the bathroom..and things got confused..well, he said he wasn't up to church..but by the time he got dressed and pills taken, he was a bit we went out for breakfast...not at our usual place, but at IHOP...but he seemed to be having trouble sitting up straight...I swear it is always something..

We are home now..but will go back with dinner shortly..

Let's put the fun back in dysfunctional !- Mary Englebright
mnjeepguy responded:
Good evening, and thank you for all the well-wishes. I am better this evening. I didn't get to relax in front of a fire, but that sure sounds nice. It reminds me of cuddling in front of the woodstove in the house we grew up in.

I was able to finish the ceiling in the bathroom with the wife's help. She wanted tongue and groove pine so we had to seal it on all sides to keep moisture out. It was a big pain in the butt that will look nice once painted up though. I also have all the wiring and lights finished and working. It warmed up enough to melt snow in the sun. I still needed a warm jacket to go out and cut my boards, but the wind took a break so it was not too bad to deal with.

With a tired body and mind and so much to do, I felt like I was going to break earlier today. I had to breath for a moment and take my own advice. I always tell people that if you are doing your best, don't beat yourself up on the results. What more can you do?

I thought that we were done with the negative temps but tonight is supposed to get below zero once again, at the end of March. I would swear it was January. This winter was so cold I think many may leave.

I wish you good people a great night, and good rest. Have a great day tomorrow. Take care everyone.


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