Sarcoidosis -- anyone tested for it?
meg_k posted:
Hi, all.

Another random question as I/we try to solve the puzzle of our health.

As I sit and wait...and wait and wait for the results of my skin biopsy for small fiber polyneuropathy (SFPN -- pins and needles, buzzing and pain in my legs, feet, hands and forearms -- a lot of us FMites have this), I have been looking at what some of the potential causes of SFPN are -- besides its association with FM.

It seems that while most cases of SPFN are "idiopathic" -- no known cause, that sarcoidosis is a common cause of small fiber neuropathy. Sarc does have some symptom overlap with FM -- pain, fatigue, etc. It's classified as an autoimmune disease.

Has anyone been tested for this, or talked to your Dr. about it?