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    Fibro and cataracts surgery?
    fibrofran17 posted:
    Hi, am 63, female, with celiac and fibro, and my eyes can no longer be corrected with glasses. I am afraid of surgery BUT more afraid of blindness. Please, anyone with any advice chime in, gratefully fibrofran
    deansmimi responded:
    I recently had cataract surgery. I'm 80 yrs old. I don't know where you live, but I live in Ma. Mass eye and Ear was wonderful. I haave to have the other done later this spring.
    I'm happy I had it done. I also feared going blind. Please
    relax and research hospitals and Dr.'s and you'll be fine.
    Good Luck! Marie

    dollbug responded:
    Hello fran. MiMi in NC. I just wanted to comment on your post. My aunt had the surgery done and she was in her 80's. She said it was the best thing she did. I was amazed that she did NOT have to wear glasses after she had it done. I think the worse thing about it was the eye drops which she had to use for a while.

    I am interested in knowing what kinds of problems did you have that made you think you needed the surgery? I have had eye problem allergies for a while.

    Take care and good luck. I hope you will let us know how things go with this.


    fibrofran17 replied to deansmimi's response:
    Deansmimi, thankyou so much for answering. You have relieved my mind. I can't drive much anymore, only to places where I know by rote without needing to read the signs. I hate the blurry cloudy sight, it makes me feel irritable all the time. Hate the light sensitivitiy, the sun feels like a laser into my brain.Don't need that on top of all the other fibro restrictions. Did you find that both your near and far vision improved? The thought of improvement in my eyesight actually excites me. thanks again, feel good, fibrofran
    fibrofran17 replied to dollbug's response:
    Dollbug, I just answered Deansmimi above here and answered some of your questions. I never had bad vision, the usual near problems at 50 and some farsightedness but my vision has gone down very quickly the past 5 years. I always thought one would just get new prescription and all would be ok until the optometrist
    said there were no more corrections to be made, and that freaked me out. As you know fibro takes so much away, but not being able the see was going to be the last straw, very scarey and depressing. However I know our bodies od not do well with artificial anything and so sensitive the little cuts they make on the eye could be a real issue that maybe would not heal right or leave a memory in the eye, who needs that?
    You have both eased my mind although the surgery is not something I look forward to had too many bad ones.
    Thank you Dollbug, be well
    booch007 responded:
    Hey Fran,
    Good morning. Remember our statement of the past. Thermacare patches where heat will comfort you. If I were having the surgery and it IS in my future...I would bring a neck roll to support my dang neck muscles.

    It is not a long procedure but you can't do anything after for a while. NO LIFTING or bending over.

    It is an easy surgery with a non vascular area on the body.

    The joke afterwards is you will have a shimmer in that eye from the lense*** (I used to tease the patients...I see you have a gleam in your eye for me!") A way to diffuse their fears meeting me in the iCU. The lense shakes a bit in the gel of your eye and there is reflection off it. Your eyes will seem like NEW afterwards.

    Good luck. If I had the surgery I would medicate before...they say NPO but never do we mean meds. Just don't take anything aspirin like. That they don't like.
    Good luck on the renovation! Your year for a tune up!

    fibrofran17 replied to booch007's response:
    Hey Booch thanx for answering...My doc just postponed my appointment for a MONTH, can't wear my glasses now they only make it worse and I can't imagine not seeing near or far for so long. thats just the next pre=op appointment then I wait a month or 2 for surgery. If I only get one eye done at a time how am I supposed to see afterward when the other eye is still bad and can't make new glasses for months and months till the other eye is done..... ???? what did you mean by "NPO"??? also if I am near sighted, farsighted AND have a stigmatism will all 3 get better? when you say they will be like new what do you mean?
    I'm having a hard time here, fibro is bad, lots of rain, cold etc.
    I take tramadol 50 mg can I take that before surgery?
    thanks for responding, your help is much appreciated , fibrofran (minda)
    p.s. am using a magnifier and sitting 2 inches from the screen now,NECK doesn't like it at all
    fibrofran17 replied to booch007's response:
    Booch/Nancy, you asked what were the symptoms: if you wear glasses imagine the lens really dirty, dusty, fingerprints etd and try as you might you can't clean them...Imagine thats how your eyes are naturally, all hazy, cloudy, a kind of double vision but different, halos come and go, glare is horrible, light makes it worse...and the vision changes from hour to hour, just like the fibro pains thet move around without any rhyme or reason...
    sucks big time.....look forward to your answers to my previous post, till tehn thanks again, fibrofran/minda
    bette_kaffitz responded:

    I have had cataracts removed from both eyes. The first time, I was wheeled back from surgery and had to wait 1/2 hour in the recovery room. The second time--just 1 year later--I walked out of the surgery into a room across the hall where they put some more drops in. Then I was immediately released. Progress.
    You will probably have all the usual pre-surgery stuff done--IV in, gown on, etc.

    Cataract surgery is the safest surgery there is. The risks of complications is very small. Check out your doctor and your hospital. If they have good records, go for it.

    (My doctor used two different types of implanted lenses. Now I see up close with my right eye and distance with my left. But they work well together.

    fibrofran17 replied to bette_kaffitz's response:
    Bette, thanx so much for responding. You've been most helpful. The only question I have left (for the moment lol) is why do the surgeons separate doing one eye from the other over such a long period of time? I'd rather get them over with within the shortest period of time instead of having to get new glasses, if needed, a few times, don't have the money for that. hope to hear from you, and thank you again
    minda (fibrofran)
    booch007 replied to fibrofran17's response:
    hey Fran,

    I will answer this. One eye is done at a time in case of an issue. You adapt to the vision in the fixed eye and the bad eye is dismissed by your brain. I have had eye surgery and it amazes me how the brain works!!

    NPO means ( Nothing per OS) Nothing by when they ask you not to eat before surgery we are not meaning your meds. I wouldn't want the confusion for you and then pain is even worse.
    Just check on anti inflamatories if you take them...aspirin, celebrex...etc.

    The stigmatism may be challenging but as Bette said they adjust the implanted lense for what you need. Your stigmatism comes from the cornea and nothing is being done with that.

    So like me you might need just asygmatic lenses to see pristine! If you need prisitne vision. See what you have in the end....If light is bright and my pupil is so small I see great as it cuts down me looking through the cornea (outer cover to the pupil) it is cut down to a small spot then the stigmatism is gone.
    So I don't need glasses in bright light.

    Good luck, it is the best of all our surgeries........Hugs, Nancy B
    fibrofran17 replied to booch007's response:
    Hey Booch, Thankyou thank you thankyou....your info was great...I am usually a research fanatic but since I can't SEE
    I've been forced off the laptop and am lost...I'm using a super duper magnifying glass and my neck is killing me. I think now with your info I'm out of questions and am actually excited to get this done. It will still be a month or two due my insurance
    red tape but I wish I could go tomorrow. Booch, also, the thought of not having glasses sitting on my nose seems luxurious cause fibro is really bad on my face, jaw, head etc. That would be a double blessing. Again, really appreciate you taking the time to share, hugs back atcha and feel good, minda
    bette_kaffitz replied to fibrofran17's response:

    Unlike you, my eyes have been bad all my life. I got my first glasses when I was 7. I had astigmatism in both eyes AND my uncorrected vision was 20/400 in both eyes. All I saw on the chart was the big "E." Since the surgeries, I see 20/30 in both eyes. I can drive without glasses. What a blessing! (I had previously had LASEK surgery done on both eyes--to remove the weight of glasses from my fibro face-- but the cataracts undid all that good work. Believe me, after LASEK, the cataract surgeries were nothing!)

    Some people have a little irritation for a week or two after the surgery. I had none. For me, it was like a miracle with no drawbacks. I hope you will do as well.

    You know, there are plenty of people with fibro for whom the condition is an inconvenience but no more. Those people don't seek answers here. We are the ones whose lives are effected and affected by our fibro. As you may have noticed, we are all different in where we hurt and what helps. Some of us have problems with even the most minor surgery. But many of us do not.

    (Don't you think that with things like orthopedic surgery--knees, hips, etc.--the success of the surgery depends a lot on the aftercare--physical therapy, wound care, etc? In this vein, if you use your eye drops as directed, if you take any antibiotics prescribed, if you come back for your follow-up visits, don't you think you'll have the best chance of a great outcome.)

    Now spend the time before your surgery getting in the best physical shape you can be in. Healthy bodies heal best. Eat more good stuff and less junk. Walk as your body lets you. Practice relaxation techniques. All this will help you and your fibro to have a nice, quiet, uneventful surgical experience.

    fibrofran17 replied to bette_kaffitz's response:
    Hey Bette, me again. all great and very helpful info, thnx muchly.
    will report back afterwards and I have a feeling all will be just fine.
    hugs and blessings to you and yours, enjoy the Spring as it sputters into place, minda
    rudyandirmouse responded:
    HI fibrofran17, I had cataract surgery at age 61, both eyes, 2 weeks apart, and you'll thank yourself for having it after seeing perfectly again. I still have 20/25 both eyes.

    It's so easy, simple and pain free! Don't think twice about it, just get it done.

    Gentle hugs, Linda R

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