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Are You Clumsy?
katmandulou posted:
For the past few weeks I have become a bull in a china shop. I fell again last night while putting out the trash. Is this an FM thing or have I lost all balance? I'm thinking I should call my doc, but I'd like to see if it's me or the FM.

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Anon_10089 responded:
On Amazon, I read a couple preview pages of the book Nancy highly recommends. The author (s) stated that the problems with our myofascial trigger points can even cause clumsiness! Something could be off in our backs, for example, that affects our arms or legs. And it's not something we would necessarily feel as an obvious pain or tightness. I thought that was very interesting!

Many people have talked about balance issues and clumsiness issues here. I feel a little off balance sometimes but I do drop things out of nowhere. I do not have any numbness or even any tingling in my extremities! It's so frustrating!

Of course, it could be something else. Something to watch, maybe?

I had a bad fall quite a few years ago, down outdoor stairs of all things. I was holding something in my arms, which is probably the only reason I didn't break an arm--I didn't reach out to brace myself. I had the most horrendous bruises, including one on my arm. My husband and I got a lot of suspicious looks for a couple of weeks!

katmandulou replied to Anon_10089's response:
I tripped over a downspout extender, fell on my hands (bruised), left knee (skinned) and my face (scraped from chin to the bridge of my nose)! I feel like a total klutz. I have read that is could be from the FM, but it could also be me - laziness, not paying attention, moving too fast, etc.

Please let me know the name of the book, it sounds interesting.
Anon_10089 replied to katmandulou's response:
The book is:
Fibromyalgia and Chronic Myofascial Pain: A Survival Manual, 2nd Edition

missist replied to Anon_10089's response:
my SI joints are causing my clumsiness. but--- up above the waist I also hit the walls. Cure --sort of-- there are some exercises that help me, but I also keep a cane near me for getting up in the morning or evening when I've been down a while
booch007 replied to katmandulou's response:
Kat years back the crowd here was looking for a bubble wrap factory to wrap those of us who were wobbling and falling!!!

I don't have balance issue, I have had ringing in the ears from this and I drop things from my hands that were numb from TrP in the arm pit area.

Sounds like to me that the downspout....creeped out to right where you were and purposely* tripped you. I am sorry for the fall, sounds like you are truly hurting. OUCH...I would be more concerned if that downspout wasn't there, and you fell.

A case of "I didn't see you laying there" I think happened.

I don't look around my area as much as used to, this is my neck involvement....and that could set me up for an then I could blame our friend here.
You have alot on your mind that is distracting you? That's when crap happens to me. I am no where near what I am doing and trouble sets in. .

Hope you are feeling better by this note, Nancy B
auburn21 responded:
I've been on Lyrica for about 4 years,and always thought my unsteady gait and falling,bumping into thingsetc. is a side effect of Lyrica. I'm so relieved to read here how other fibromites are clumsy and unsteady also. I stagger at times,too and it's embarrassing when it happens in public.
auburn21 replied to Anon_10089's response:
JR, tell me about it!! Last winter I tripped on a cement step while walking my dog at 5am,,and had a cut over my eye that needed 5 sutures. Of course,a black eye followed by purple,yellow and other colors developed,and my husband and I got several looks for weeks!!
dollbug responded:
Hello Lou...MiMi in NC. I am not quite sure whether or not me being *clumsy* is due to the wrath of the dragon or something else....but I do know that I have balance problems. Ever since I fell and broke my left wrist, I decided that I needed to watch out before I ended up breaking something else. And on the days when there was ice and snow on the ground....I did NOT get out to do anything unless I was with DH. I decided he could go to the mailbox and pick up the paper.

We lost both of our *Big Boys* before the cold winter hit. So I did not have to go out to feed and check on them either. I do miss them though anyway. They were both getting on up in years. In the end one of them stayed with me in the house. He was a sweetheart and I really do miss him. But again, I did not miss going out in the bad weather feeding and making sure they had water to drink. They had a covered shelter out of the cold and rain but I still had to check on them.

Perhaps you need to try to be on guard with trying to move.....especially when you are outside. I had both of my falls outside....and in slow motion....but it did not matter since I still got a broken wrist from it.

I never had issues before I met up with the wrath of the dragon, aka maybe it is the reason.

How are your mold issues? I hope things are getting better and you will have everything taken care of. Hang in there and remember to try to pace, pace and pace even more.


gainor responded:
I lurch and sway when I walk, sometimes catch myself from losing balance. I have fallen four times in past year. I walk into doorjambs, latch, knobs - anything that sticks out a little.

Both forearms are purple from catching them on cabinet doors, shelves, cardboard box flaps, drawers, hangers. I feel like my perception of my arms and legs in space is off. I am extra careful with oven racks, since Mom burned herself many times on them.

I find myself saying ouch all day, sometimes. Today is so bad, I'm trying to do nothing so I don't hurt myself! I have OA, Fibro and hypothyroid. I am barometrically challenged when the pressure drops below 30. I hold water, feel heavier and can barely move. This week, the pressure has been up and down every other day, so I'm hurting everywhere, having trouble thinking, depressed. All this contributes to the clumsiness.
rudyandirmouse responded:
Lou, I was/ am / doing that as well. I mean,like you, fall over balance. As I mentioned on Roll Call I have been going to a Neurologist since August for those painful/ out of no where migraines. While I had his ear I complained about my feet hurting. He asked if I was having balance issues. More lately than before. I said " Oh Heck Yeah!" And he said half ( hapld in the ears, which mine are shot. ) or part of my balance issue(s) is fibro and my feet nerves.

He says that half our balance is in our feet and when the nerves are broken at the ends, like SFN and PN the feet don't have the sense of balance because the message to walk is broken. Nancy may chime in here with more info or different info, but sounds like it my Neuro is onto something?

He didn't offer me anything to help keep me upright or walking straight, but knowing what it is, is helpful. Kinda.

So, since I don't know how much of what he said rings true, but If so perhaps you can ask your Rheumy if that could be a player in your balance issues.

Gentel hugs, Linda R
brokenmom2 responded:
I am new to this board, but Wow! I am glad to hear that I am not the only one feeling this way! I sometimes feel like my arms have a mind of their own! LOL And my family can tell you several good stories about me and door frames... Once during one of my PT sessions the PT doc was testing me for something (don't recall what) and had me close my eyes and balance on one foot. He stood on my right side, expecting to catch me if I fell over. I fell over to the left. LOL Totally caught him off guard! The normal response was to fall to the right - he said he never had anyone ever do that!

I had no idea that FM could be a cause of some of this - I always attributed it to my chronic tendonitis....which I guess WAS actually FM, now that I have my new diagnosis! Ha!

When I was in high school my friends and I actually invented a name for my clumsiness: Claudiaphanatosis. We even wrote up a disease description and made a mock-up medicine bottle label, filling the bottle with little pink candies that looked like real pills. When I had an "attack", one of my friends would ask, "Did you take your Claudia pills today?" and then I would have to take out my medicine bottle and pop a couple of "pills". LOL. Kids.

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