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Dr. Devin Starlanyl Website
Anon_10089 posted:
Many of us have read Nancy's recommendation to get the book, "Fibromyalgia and Chronic Myofascial Pain: A Survival Manual. The author, Dr. Starlanyl, also has a website with a ton of information about both conditions that many of you may find interesting. I've always assumed I was more just FM but after reading through the site, I now want to find a doctor who treats CMP trigger points.

She says that those trigger points can cause many of the weird symptoms we have other than pain, like dizziness, balance issues, tinnitus, digestive problems, and even some of the fogginess we feel. Finding a doctor might be tricky, but there are some suggestions on the site and thankfully I live in a large metro area.

Anyway, I thought the site is probably a good preview for the book and it has a ton of information on its own for free. Many of us are tight on money and it's hard to buy something site unseen.

rosielou responded:
Thanks for posting this.
booch007 responded:

Thanks for sharing that she has a website. I bet it is in the book and I never went there. If we can just learn the most for ourselves about what has happened to get us in a better place.

If I can just be a beacon for the TrP injections, that you can have them repeatedly over many years (11) and not be fibrosed or damaged. It is a painful course of therapy but I have to say for me it was muscle liberating.

First round of injections woke up all the muscles (felt like snakes in my back)...and the muscles were more uncomfortable as they released, but it was a long time these trigger points were holding them hostage.

I right away could turn my head to the left better than in years. And it has been ups and downs since. I truly am a Starlanyl follower. It was me to a T.

I must say though I am not as tuned as I can be lately. I am for shots on Monday and I took off the next 3 days for things I must get done. Working 5 days is so very challenging, but I continue to try and make a diffeence at work.

For those who read after this post. Check her information out. It adds more to the picture here. There might just be a pearl of wisdom there that can change your day.

Good luck to all, Nancy B
Anon_10089 replied to booch007's response:
Yes, all this time I have considered myself more purely FM but now I am on the hunt for a doctor who is knowledgable in trigger points. The best nugget, I think, is her statement that FM is a pain amplifier but not necessarily the cause of the pain. Then I looked at a chart of spots on my upper back that are likely causing my headache problems.

I've found some therapists who deal with this, but I want a doctor who can prescribe support meds, as the Dr points out, since people with FM have amplified pain and probably will need some help after treatments.

There are also a ton of sites linked to her site with more resources!


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