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Fever anyone?
missist posted:
I've been all kinds of flared up the past several weeks-- I think from physical therapy and traction. I think it somehow touched it off.

I've even had ibs again which I havent had in 20 yrs.

One thing I'm noticing I have no energy and I'm so tired I get up and go back to sleep. But if I get up and try to do ANYTHING I get a slight fever.

Now normally my temp runs really low and I've been getting chills and heat alternating so I got a thermometer & started chcking to see if I have a virus or something.

The past week in particular has been this way.

so temp is a low grade fever but I am always about 98.1 like clockwork so its weird.

Any ideas? Thankfully I have physical coming up- which I'm going to ask for another ana, my last one was raised although a follow up at the time with a rheumy revealed nothing; and I'm wondering if something is going on autoimmune.

feel like crap and that's a fact jack.

ajnsmom responded:
hey mary. sorry to hear that you're feeling so bad! I don't get fevers with fibro. but I have a lot of inflammation, like now I have to hunt and peck to type due to neuropathy. so this has been a tough week for me as well.

I pray that you will feel much better soon, if you want, we can chat on fb sometime. linda swanson in Jacksonville fl
missist replied to ajnsmom's response:
Hi--I'll send you a friend invite. I'm not in the mood to chat right now.. tired. but maybe later.
missist replied to missist's response:
are you the one with the big dog and a santa hat (I think) and also in a pix potting some flowers in a window box ?
missist replied to missist's response:
well flare or no flare--looks like I also have the flu. temp went up and I have many symptoms now.
ajnsmom replied to missist's response:
Hey, no, my profile pic is my granddaughter sitting in her car seat holding a big ball.

Linda S (Jax, FL)

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